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Nuts about Squares CAL – The making of the videos

This week is an easy week for me, no new blog post to write for Nuts about Squares CAL, and at the same time that feels rather empty. I though I would share some behind the scene’s photo’s with you.

For those of you that have been following along with the videos for Nuts about Squares will have noticed that the video’s don’t match with any color scheme what so ever. There are lots of colors in the videos and their color placements are all jumbled up. You would be right in thinking that there is no planning in there at all! I have used lots of left over Stonewashed yarn to make the video’s for you; my goal was to make the videos, not to make a pretty square.

But you know what the problem with Scheepjes Stonewashed yarn is? No matter how you combine the colors, it always looks amazing. You just can’t mess it up. I used just about all of the 23 ‘old’ shades to make the video’s, before 13 new shades were released to bring the range to an impressive 36 colors.

Scheepjes Stonewashed is available from Wool Warehouse (UK/Int)Love Crochet (US), Knotty House (CA), Caro’s Atelier (NL) or your favorite Scheepjes stockists. Thank you for supporting my work by buying your yarn through the links on my blog.

Like I said, my color placement is totally random, so I can’t give you a color chart for the 16 squares I made for the videos. That is slightly more than the 14 squares that are in the CAL because I wanted to make a small blanket from the squares, and 14 squares just didn’t line up nicely so I made two more.

I joined the squares to make a 4×4 square blanket with a different color than the final round on the squares. So contrary to the CAL blanket, in the video squares blanket the joins are very visible. Next week the border pattern is released for Nuts about Squares which has been designed especially for our CAL. I didn’t have enough leftovers to make the CAL border, so for the video blanket I made a simple linen stitch border. Beautiful in its simplicity.

While I was taking a few photographs one of my chickens just had to see what I was doing. They are incredibly curious creatures.

I’m sure you are also curious about the border, but for that you will have to wait a bit longer. Next week is the finishing touch on our blanket, hope to see you all then!

With love,


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21 thoughts on “Nuts about Squares CAL – The making of the videos”

  1. My dear Esther

    Gosh that is so lovely seeing all those beautiful squares – I have still to get to this CAL – have been really busy trying to rid myself of UFO’s and I was sending your emails to a friend in South Africa as they came out so she was so interested in it. Just so enjoy your newsletters with all the latest designs. I always find it is getting the colour scheme right that is the hard part so being led through that is so helpful. Look forward to your next one.




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  2. Dear Esther,

    Thank you so very much for sharing your talent with us. I learned so much from you by watching your videos during this CAL. Thanks again!

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  3. I could not have done it without those great movies. And the fun part is; on a dutch facebookpage i was complainjng about the joining and inused the english word for that. Joining.
    Somebody asked me that the heck joinings ment.
    Because she did not know that word.
    I think in English, i crochet in English. And that is all because of you. Thnx for that! 😄😄❤️

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  4. I still call this Esthers blanket.I felt that as you did so much work to put it together and without the videos I would not have been able to make most of the squares, I have included the squares you designed, Vincent and Stephen. Thank you for all the hard work. I now have a very pretty blanket.

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  5. Esther, I’m absolutely positive that without your videos I wouldn’t have been able to do some of the squares, so I want to take this opportunity to thanks you for your time and had work in producing them.
    Although I’ve been crocheting for more than 50 years, I found several of the blocks challenging but am so thrilled to have joined in with my very first CAL.

    Thanks Again

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  6. Hi Esther

    You did amazing work. Your sample blanket turned out beautiful and because of your hard work all of our blankets are amazing too. Thank you so much.



  7. Your videos were my only source for this CAL. I didn’t even bother reading the pattern! Your work is beautiful and your instruction is stellar, Thank you! I’m impressed at how huge your squares turned out. I used Catona Denim, which I believe to be the same gauge yarn as the Stonewash (although I may be wrong). My squares were all about 8 inches. I made a total of 48 squares, so my blanket will still be a nice size. Thanks again for the amazing CAL.


  8. Dear Esther,

    What an amazing journey this has been. Like all the others who have commented, your videos have been a blessing to us all! When I found out you only began crocheting in 2014 my mind was blown! I had assumed you had been a crocheter since you were a child. God has given you the most amazing ability to learn so quickly, so precisely, and to teach others as you do. And then to top if off you do it in 2 different languages and left and right handed. Truly God given talent! I consider myself to be blessed by you. Thanks for all of the effort you put into this, you are a rockstar! R O C K S T A R !!!


  9. Hi Esther – Your videos are fantastic. They’re very easy to follow and great for me – a relatively newbie to crochet. I’ve heard your cat so often now and would love to see a photo of her/him.

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  10. Hello Esther, I found this wonderful lime when I was finishing (I am in week 5) but your great work in the videos I encourage you to start it to thank you for your extraordinary work from Spain


  11. I’m probably not posting this in the correct place but thank you so much for the videos. I don’t think I would have completed the project without them.

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  12. Dear Esther,

    I followed the CAL and you arranged a really wonderful blanket.
    But wasn’t the plan to crochet 35 different squares?? Or am I wrong?
    Best wishes from Germany


  13. Hey Esther,

    I have learned so much from you by following your video’s.
    My first blanket I made only watching your video’s. For the seccond one, that I am doing right now I have tried do use the written patterns, but I find that to tricky with the Fall Blossom and the In like lamb. Somehow I cant’ t follow and understand the written instructions. So I am still falling back on your guidence.


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