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Sharing hearts!

I had the most encouraging encounter not too long ago. I met a lovely lady that is spreading love by handing out hearts. ❤ And I got one too!

Anneke from Hartedeeltjes has made it her mission in life to make a difference with something small. She makes small cards with a little crochet heart and she leaves them in the train, in shops, in parks, in the library, anywhere and everywhere for total strangers to find. She has left over 6000 hearts in random places over the past three years. It’s a small token of love to make the world a better place.

But it does not stop there, Anneke has set herself a goal, a bath tub full of crochet hearts so that everyone can literally “bathe in love”. How cool is that? Needless to say Anneke can not make the 100.000 hearts needed to fill the bathtub all on her own. That is why she has help from people all over the country to help her making hearts. On the Hartedeeltjes Facebook page you can see the progress of making those thousands of hearts!

Would you like to contribute to Anneke’s cause? There is a little heart pattern on Hartedeeltjes to make teeny tiny hearts between 2cm and 5cm, like small water droplets. You can make one or more small hearts and drop them off at one of five places in The Netherlands or Belgium, or contact Anneke for her home address to send them to her directly.

It’s the small things in life that make all the difference. Have a blessed day.

With love,


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9 thoughts on “Sharing hearts!”

  1. esther, i can’t conribute to your support at this moment but i have to tell you, you have made my life brighter and happier with you nuts about squares cal. mine is having it’s last blocking, laying on a huge mattress padded with a summer blanket . then is is going to my brother who is celebrating his 70th birthday. i loved each and every stitch and of course each and every square and the border is just the cherry on top. i’ll send you a picture when it’s all done and i cn figure out how to do it!!!!! thank you thank you and thank you again.

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  2. Hi Esther:
    I love the idea and was wondering if there is an English pattern translation for the little heart?
    Thanks and have a good weekend

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  3. If you get the info, can it be saved here? I would love to help too but don’t want to bury her in emails asking for the same info.


  4. Esther I was wondering if the crochet along videos for the Nuts about Squares project will be taken down from YouTube when you begin another one? I will print out the instructions if that is what will happen so I can complete it. And not be rushed Thank you so much for all the work you have done ,the videos are amazing.


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