From Whirl to WIP

Last week I told you that I fell for the attraction of Scheepjes Whirl; how is a yarn addict like me supposed to resist this anyway! 😀 I would like to show you what I am making with my Raspberry Rocky Roads yarn. I am making a long, luscious and luxurious skinny scarf.

Scheepjes Whirl Yarn

The yarn that I am using is Scheepjes Whirl, which is a cotton/acrylic mix yarn with a very slow color gradient available in 24 colorways named after ice cream flavors. The 1000 meter cakes are large enough for a variety of projects including accessories and home deco. Scheepjes Whirl is available from Wool Warehouse (UK/Int)Knotty House (CA) or your favorite Scheepjes stockist.

Eating my favorite flavor

You might think, a skinny scarf? How can that possibly be luxurious? I am going for volume and serious overkill here. That is what will make this luxurious. I am envisioning at least 4, maybe even 5 wraparounds. If that doesn’t make for a luxurious feel, nothing will.

I am slowly but steadily eating away at my Raspberry Rocky Roads (752) yarn. I must say, the yarn is surprisingly easy to work with and the drape is just fantastic. With a bit of imagination I am turning my yarn cake into a scarf cake.

My yarn is going faster and the yarn cake is getting smaller. Next week I will show you my finished scarf, see you then!

With love,


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7 thoughts on “From Whirl to WIP”

  1. This looks so nice, Esther. Such a beautiful colour too. I also have a Scheepjes Whirl I’ve bought a while ago but for now I’m not ready yet to use it as it looks so precious, I want to use it for the right project (like maybe a shawl) or even a scarf, now that I see yours.
    [On another note, I’m going to attend one of your workshops at Hooks & Yarns in Amsterdam on 19th Aug. Looking forward to meeting you there 🙂 ]

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  2. I love the Whirl yarn and I am excited to see your end project. I am currently doing a Mijo Crochet Secret Paths Sjal/ Shawl using my ball of Fruity ‘O’ Tutty. I can not wait to get more. Whirl is fantastic!

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  3. Looking lovely Esther! Might have to succumb to a whirl myself. However I saw that another Scheepjes CAL starts in October…!


  4. Hi Esther, ik vind m leuk, je sjaal. Hoe heet dit patroontje/deze steek? Ziet er gemakkelijk uit. Kan ik die ergens terugvinden?
    Groet, Joyce


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