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Over the Moon Shawl in Simply Crochet

It’s official! I am now a published crochet author. Actually, I already was a published author, but that is in a totally different field, so it doesn’t count 😀 I know it sounds weird, but this publication in Simply Crochet is possibly the publication I am most proud of.

I am proud of the fact that I have designed something completely from scratch. This design did not drop out of the sky, trust me. I made several swatches, drafts and samples, frogged, made it again, got the stitch count wrong so frogged some more, made it again, and then suddenly…. TADAH! There it was. And it’s just beautiful, even if I say so myself. 😉

My Over the Moon Shawl is part of a summer special in Simply Crochet Issue 60 in which other fabulous ladies have also contributed. Esther from Happy in Red designed “Work of Art“,  Rachelle from Cypress Textiles designed “Coastal garden“, Nerissa from Miss Neriss designed the FABULOUS “Fade Out” shawl, and Carmen from Crafty Queens designed “Petals aplenty“. If you buy a copy of the magazine you will also get a free shawl pin that you can use with any of the featured designs.

To make my shawl you will need 2 balls of Scheepjes Sunkissed and 2 balls of Scheepjes Cotton 8 in fun summer shades. I used Sunkissed Strawberry Ice (09) and Cotton 8 Light Pink (718).  Sunkissed and Cotton 8 are available from Wool Warehouse (UK/Int)Love Crochet (US), Knotty House (CA) or your favorite Scheepjes stockist. By the way, many Scheepjes stockists are now giving away copies of the Simply Crochet Edits Special, so be sure to check out your favorite store!

If you  want to make your shawl extra special, you can add glass beads at the edge. I used over 100 6mm pink glass beads. They give it just that little something extra. When I lay out my shawl the crescent shape really shows, almost like wings.

If you make my Over the Moon shawl, please share your work with me on my Facebook page or tag me in one of your posts on Instagram. I would LOVE to see!

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42 thoughts on “Over the Moon Shawl in Simply Crochet”

  1. Hi Esther,gorgeous pattern ,thanks so much for designing it for us. I received my copy a few weeks ago now as I have a subscription with the magazine. I’m going to try it in the Sheepjes whirl- I can’t resist their yummy colours. Don’t know which colour yet as I have a few in my stash. Will post a picture when I’ve finished it. Thanks again.x

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  2. Esther, I love the shawl pattern, but for the life of me I cannot navigate the magazine’s website to buy a copy. I registered on the website, but if there’s a way to get to that specific issue, I can’t find it! Do you know if it’s available at book or craft stores in the US? I’m at a computer all day so I know my way around websites, but this has me flummoxed and I really want those dang patterns!! Thanks, Desiree Spies

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      1. Why not treat it as a Back Order. There is always a page on that in the magazine. Hope you understand what I mean. Better get in quick. They run out of popular ones quickly. I have a Subscription and 2 of mine went missing but I wasn’t able to get one later. I’m in Australia and they used to be 2/3 months late. Good Luck.💐


  3. Esther, I am desperate to try your shawl, but cannot get the pattern. Simply Crochet, from where I ordered the back issue number 60, are now saying they don’t have that issue, so now what do I do? Where can I find your pattern if it’s not available from Simply Crochet? I am very upset that I can’t buy it from anywhere else.


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