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Yarn surprise

I have gone down the rabbit hole….. I know I shouldn’t but here I am. I have subscribed to a Devon Sun Yarns monthly yarn box. The rabbit hole is a beautiful place……

The past year or so I have been looking for a yarn box and although there are many out there they just don’t match what I’m looking for. I am looking for a box that has hand dyed luxury yarns I can’t buy locally, unique fibers, fabulous colors, small amounts and a few gifts and extra’s. I believe I have found this in the Devon Sun Teaser box.

The Teaser box contains only one strand of luxury yarn. There are other Devon Sun Subscription boxes that have more yarn, but I purposefully only want one strand. The reason is that I have so much yarn already and a stash building box is not going to work for me. Instead I want the surprise of a new yarn every month without the stress of having to make something with it right away.

I am going to build my Devon Sun yarn collection over the next year or two or maybe even three till I have enough yarn of a similar weight that works together to make a larger project. This way I have no stress from having to make something with the yarn I am receiving, but I have a long term goal to work towards.

Want to know what I got in my first box? My October 2017 Teaser box contains a 100g/166m strand of Gallant yarn. This is a tweed-like aran weight merino wool yarn and because it’s autumn it has been dyed to a warm orange/brown color. In addition to the yarn there is a stitch marker by Beth from Koru Clay Studio and as an extra this month a woolly magnet made by Lindoskate. The content of the box is wrapped in tissue paper and there is a personal note from Daisy from Devon Sun Yarns about the yarn in the box.

I am a total fan of Koru Clay Studio and I have many stitch markers from Beth already. Another advantage of the Devon Sun Yarns box is that I don’t only get to grow my yarn collection, but I also get to grow my stitch marker collection. Isn’t the rabbit hole a beautiful place….?

I’m looking forward to next month already!

With love,



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