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New yarn for a new project

It’s a fun day today because I am making a new baby blanket from a super soft yarn. And because it’s a baby blanket it’s a perfect opportunity to show you the favorite plush animals of my boys.



The yarn that I’m using is Scheepjes Eliza yarn which is an incredibly soft yarn, perfect for baby projects. Eliza is a 100% polyester yarn with 230m on each 100g ball. I am using soft baby colors in pink and blue, but Eliza is available in 36 solid and variegated shades.

Scheepjes Eliza is available from Wool Warehouse (UK/International), Knotty House (CA/US) or your local Scheepjes Stockist. Thank you for supporting my work by buying your yarn through the links on my blog. ❤

Rabbits and bears

My boys, and especially my eldest, is VERY attached to his plush rabbit. He has had this rabbit since he was a baby; he actually got this rabbit as a gift from my parents. I can honestly say he has not slept a night without it since his birth; he is hopelessly attached to his rabbit. And just in case you are wondering, we have 3 of these rabbits. All identical, and they get washed and swapped regularly.

My youngest son also got a plush animal from my parents when he was born. He got a bear, and yes, we have more than one of this animal too. My youngest son however is totally detached from his bear. He can sleep with or without any animals in his bed. Everything is fine to him.

I am going to make two baby blankets, one in pink with white and one in baby blue with white. Next week I will show you more.

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