A Woolly complement to Whirl

Maybe you LOVE the Scheepjes Whirl yarn cakes, but you are not a fan of acrylic fiber and adore natural fibers such as wool and cotton. Then you most likely let the Whirl cakes pass you by. But not any longer! Now there is the Woolly Whirl range; Whirls with an all natural fiber content.

Fiber content

The original Scheepjes Whirls are a mix fiber yarn with 60% cotton and 40% acryl. The new Woolly Whirls are also a mix fiber yarn, but with a different composition. The Woolly Whirls have 70% cotton and 30% wool. The wool fiber content makes the Woolly Whirls a great winter alternative for making warm shawls and winter garments.


The Woolly Whirl range is not as large, (did I just say large? I meant HUGE), as the Whirl range, but with 4 beautiful shades it gives you a great starting point for a warm winter project.


Just in case you missed it, and you are still looking for an amazing project to make with two Whirls or Woolly Whirls, or a combination of both, the new Make Along hosted by Tammy from Canadutch might just be what you are looking for. Tammy designed the amazing Read Between The Lines shawl (#RBTL) using two Whirl cakes. RBTL is a knitted pattern, and Tammy knows that many of us can’t knit, so she has designed a crochet version of her shawl; Crochet Between The Lines (#CBTL). Both patterns are available as Scheepjes After Party booklets.

The MAL is hosted in the Scheepjes International and Scheepjes Dutch Facebook Groups. Many Scheepjes stockists have kits available in which you can choose any two Whirls and you will receive both the RBTL and CBTL patterns. Kits which include everything you need for the MAL are available from Caro’s Atelier (NL/Int), a shop I buy a lot of my supplies from.

Maybe I should also make a CBTL, I have seen so many wonderful shawls already….

With love,


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  1. May I just say…I love this web site and crochet group! I love all the great things you make and how nice everyone is. Thank You so much!

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