Crochet Stationery

I love crochet, and I love stationery, and the best thing is there are people out there that feel exactly the same way. One of them is Lucy from Stationery Geek. She makes and sells stationery for all sorts of crafters, not only crochet, but also knitting, quilting and lots more. I love her stuff and I am a big fan of supporting small businesses. Each time you purchase something from a small business, a real person makes a happy dance, something that I can personally vouch for!

I am a very organized person, and this stationery fits right in with my way of working. The Crochet Bible is perfect for all the details that I need to remember about a project. Things like which hook size and which colors and there is also room for doodling an idea without knowing all the details yet.

Personally I really love my new WIP cards which are awesome for keeping track of things I am sure to forget. I am sure you have also experienced picking up a project after not working on it for a few months, or maybe even a few years, and then having no idea what hook you used or any of the other details. The WIP card you just tuck in your bag with the rest of the project and will help you remember all those details.

With all the other goodies such as yarn stickers and swatch cards I am all organized and everything. An organized mind is a creative mind, at least that is what I experience. I am sure that some people will disagree with me on this, but if I have chaos around me I get stressed and then I can not be creative.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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8 thoughts on “Crochet Stationery”

  1. Hi Esther, i bought a couple if these books & they are great for me. I’m able to keep all my wips in order. Thanks for all your updates & tech support. Melissa aka JassyJay x

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  2. The word “stationary” mean to stay in place. The word you really want is “stationery” referring to paper, etc. The way I remember which is which is letter has “e’s” in it.

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  3. I just ordered my crochet project bible and the WIP cards. It’s time to start a little bit of organizing with all my projects. Thanks for your recommendation!

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