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Hand made wooden crochet hooks

Remember a few weeks ago I showed you my new crochet stationery? Today I would like to show you my new hand-made-to-my-specifications crochet hooks. These hooks are made by Henk from Houten Haaknaalden, a Dutch gentleman who runs a small business making wooden crochet hooks, and like I said before, when you support a small business you support a real person realizing a dream. I think for Henk it’s more a hobby gone wild, but he totally enjoys making these hooks and he takes great pride in his work.

I had been eyeing the hooks for some time already and I wanted to visit him personally to look and feel the hooks before purchasing them, and I wanted to meet up with my fellow bloggers again. Any reason for a party, right? At least that is what Kirsten from Haak Maar RaakNerissa from Miss NerissJellina from Jellina CreationsCarmen from New Leaf Designs, and Christina from A Spoon Ful of Yarn thought when I arranged for a fun afternoon with crochet and friends.

My crochet girlfriends and I combined a high tea with a visit to Henk. I think we kind of surprised him, 6 ladies swarming into his living room admiring his handiwork. We really enjoyed looking at all the hooks, and considering all the options open to us. We could choose different woods, different handle designs, different shaft lengths, different tip finishing, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. To make a long story short, Henk would make each hook to the exact way we wanted it, demonstrated by the caliper he had in his hand when we asked a detail about a hook. No two hooks are the same and everything is custom made and tested by his wife before sending them out.

I purchased 3 hooks made from silky smooth olive wood. I asked for the tip to be slightly pointy and the handle slightly elongated. I first thought I would take the hooks with all the bobbles, but I totally didn’t like how it felt in my hand, the smooth hook felt the best. I got myself a 3mm, 3.5mm and 4mm hook because those are the sizes I use most. I believe we all ended up getting ourselves a hook or two. We are all suckers for beautiful crochet stuff. And we all got a mini crochet hook as a gift, isn’t it just the cutest thing ever!

The rest of the afternoon was spend laughing, crocheting together, having loads of tea and eating lovely things at an amazing high tea. Yes, still love these girls!

I hope you have a great day with your crochet friends, in real life or online.

With love,


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3 thoughts on “Hand made wooden crochet hooks”

  1. Your hook looks gorgeous Esther. My thoughts about custom made hooks is that I so don’t like the bobbles.It looks good but my hands won’t bare it. Seen a lovely hook in the UK but that was a way to long hook. Sticks out to much when working, can’t be used for Tunisian crochet though. So why so long? Thanks for the testing these hooks.


  2. Do the hooks have a Phoenix feather core, or unicorn hair?! Hank sounds like a real like Ollivander! What a wonderful thing to make!


  3. Beautiful looking hooks! You are lucky to be able to visit and try them, buying blind would be a lot harder.


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