Something totally different

Sometimes I need a challenge, something totally new that I have not done before and that I see others doing and I want to be able to do to.  It has happened again, I am seeing such lovely knitted creations all over my Instagram, and I can’t knit! Time to change all of that. I am going to teach myself to knit.

So what am I going to do? Simple, I learn best by doing, so I am going to learn to knit by knitting something and I’ll find out as I go what I need to learn. I went searching in my large pile of patterns for knitting patterns for beginners. Tadah! Found it. This is a perfect pattern for learning to knit; the Shawl of Secrets designed by Sarah Knight. The pattern is available as a Scheepjes After Party booklet in English Print, Dutch Print (Nederlands), or as a digital download on Ravelry.

I rummaged through my insane amount of yarn and found just what I needed to make the Shawl of Secrets, beautiful balls of Scheepjes Secret Garden yarn. I do not have the exact yarn colors from the pattern, but I do have similar shades, so I’ll just swop a few colors around and it will work out just fine. Scheepjes Secret Garden is available from Wool Warehous (UK/Int), Caro’s Atelier (NL/EU), Love Crochet/Knitting (US), and many other Scheepjes stockists.

I don’t actually have any knitting needles, so I bought myself a Knit Pro starter set and I am all set to go. The pattern asked for 4.5mm needles which were not in the set, so I am using 5mm instead. I feel like I am stepping over to the dark side…. I will keep you posted on how this adventure is going.

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25 thoughts on “Something totally different”

  1. good luck, i’m sure you’;ll do great. i learned to knit even before i learned to the past few years, i’ve been sticking to crochet because it goes faster and hurts my hands [arthritis!] less. i’m sure you’re love knitting, but please don’t drop crochet, i’d miss you if you did!
    a thankful reader and follower,

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  2. Welcome to the dark side! I’m now knitting full time, and crochet has taken a back seat for a while. It’s great to be able to make well-fitting sweaters and tunics. 🙂

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  3. I’m sure you will do fine. I always thought crochet was ‘the dark side’ until I learnt. I now see the ability to knit and crochet as a rainbow. It gives unending possibilities and I always have a project of each on the go. Once you are up and running with the knitting perhaps you could create a pattern that combines the two, a perfect marriage…..and a challenge….😉


  4. Good luck. With your crochet skills I think knitting will be a breeze for you. I was a knitter first and always thought crochet much more difficult, I now love both equally. Maybe you could do a knitting tutorial when your confidence builds.

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  5. Good luck! I did it the other way round, I learned knitting as a child and crochet as an adult. I think you’ll love it, and it’s nice to switch between different crafts. The shawl pattern and yarn look wonderful, can’t wait to see your progress. Have fun.

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  6. I both knit and crochet , double the yarn fun. I taught myself to knit after years of crochet. Keep at it , as I know you will. You WILL miss that hook at the end of the needle but , it is a very rewarding experience. The more you do , the faster and better you will get – your hands will surprise you one day and just know the movements , as in crochet. Have fun , I am excited to see where this new journey takes you AND us ! 😉

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  7. Hi Esther!
    You will LOVE it! I teach both Knitting and Crochet! You helped take my crochet skills to a new level with Nuts About Squares and then Sophie’s Universe!

    Fixing mistakes is a little more tedious in knitting than crochet., is a grea resource for knitting help. Michelle has the BEST videos for knitting.

    Since you are an avid Crocheter, I would recommend “ Continental Knitting”, because you already hold your yarn in your left hand.

    I will help you any way I can!

    Happy Knitting!
    Merry 😉

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  8. Dear Esther,
    This is the video that helped me the most with Continental Knitting, should you choose to knit this way!

    Happy Knittin

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  9. I started my knitting Hour this year and it has been amazing! Still totally ❤️ crochet but I’m really loving my new craft. Good luck!

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  10. Hello Esther. I used to knit when I was a teenager and it is a little harder, in my humble opinion. What I like in crochet is that it’s easier to pick up dropped stitches. So my tip to you (haha) is to learn how to pick up a dropped stitch so you will be armed when it happens!

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  11. Good thing about knitting you can watch telly as your working……you get use to the feel of the stitch so u don’t have to look….I’ve been knitting for over 30 yrs…I learn to crochet so could add fancy trim to my knitted items. Getting your tension right is the secret to knitting….good luck …

    Janie x

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  12. Best of luck to you in your new endeavor! I’m sure you will do fine. You seem to possess lots of patience and having the desire to try something new will carry you along. I have found the hardest part of any pattern be it crochet or knitting is the manner in which the designer explanis or writes the pattern…. the doing is the easy part. Lyn ~ xo


  13. You will do fabulously. I knit and crochet and found continental style closest to crochet as I hold the yarn in my left hand. Thank you too for your very clear tutorials I have learned so much and it shows in my crocheting abilities.

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  14. Please post videos. Your crochet videos are lovely and very helpful. Would love to learn some knitting!


  15. I admire everything you do! I have tried knitting, but I cannot knit loosely enough to do it well. Perhaps your calming voice will help me loosen my grip 😘


  16. I Love crochet and I too am teaching myself to knit this year. I tried a few years ago with English style knitting and pah! So fiddly! I tried again this year with circular needles and continental style – and success! Fixing mistakes is painful, not quick and easy like crochet, but I am loving the challenge. In crochet I prefer to use cotton but with knitting I like wool – as long as its soft. My time is precious, I won’t waste it on the scratchy stuff! My tip would be to have a warm-up practice piece. Just needles and yarn so you get the feel of it. Where mistakes don’t matter and don’t need to be fixed before swapping to your actual project. Good luck!

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