My knitting adventure

Wow, what a response I got from my first post in which I told you I was going to learn to knit. You gave me so much encouragement, I felt so special. You were giving me tips to help me get started and you shared your experiences with learning to knit. I’m sure you want to know how it’s going with my adventure. Well actually it’s going amazing, I am totally getting the hang of this.

As you might remember, I am knitting the Shawl of Secrets designed by Sarah Knight using Scheepjes Secret Garden yarn. If you are looking for the pattern, it’s a Scheepjes After Party booklet available in English Print, Dutch Print (Nederlands), or as a digital download on Ravelry. Scheepjes Secret Garden is available from Wool Warehous (UK/Int), Caro’s Atelier (NL/EU), Love Crochet/Knitting (US), and many other Scheepjes stockists.

I didn’t really know where to start so I asked my friend Tammy from Canadutch how to go about learning to knit. She advised me to look into the work by Staci from  Very Pink. Really, this lady is great. In her knitting library she shows you exactly what to do, what to watch out for and assumes nothing. Kind of like I do for crochet 😉 I watched some of her videos and a few hours later I was making my shawl.

I have learned that knitting is actually very easy. All it boils down to really are two stitches, the rest is all a variation on those two stitches. I can do the knit stitch, and I can do the purl stitch, so I guess I can knit! I am not knitting completely as you are supposed to, I have my own unique version of continental knitting going on here because I am used to holding my yarn in my left hand and holding it in a certain way that works for crochet, but it’s also working for my knitting and I guess that’s all that matters.

To be able to make the Shawl of Secrets you need to be able to do knit stitches, pearl stitches, yarn over to make an increase, keep track of stitches by using a stitch marker and be able to count. Don’t underestimate how hard it is to count! I have already worked too many rows in knit stitch and then had to do less rows in garter stitch to compensate. Ooee, learning the knitting vocabulary already and fudging where needed. I am soon to be a pro at this rate.

From here on it’s all just plain sailing I think. Will show you my finished shawl soon.

With love,



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15 thoughts on “My knitting adventure”

  1. Oh Esther! Your shawl is beautiful ~ yarn colors blend so smoothly and your tension and stitched appear very well formed and neat!!! You must feel very pleased and confident. I’m so happy for you ~ and yes like the rest of us counting can be a beast! A stitch or row counter or paper and pencil are always close at hand when I am knitting. Congratulations on this wonderful accomplishment 💜🥂

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  2. Your shawl looks amazing. Glad you decided to learn Continental style; it’s easier and much more intuitive for crocheters just because you hold the yarn with your left hand. Congratulations! You’ve crossed over and become bistitchual!

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  3. I am told I knit “oddly” as I too was a crocheter years long before teaching myself to knit. I hold the working strand in my left hand as if I am crocheting. I get the work accomplished and enjoy the end product. I do recommend a stitch counter – they are inexpensive and worth their weight in gold. I keep 2 or 3 on hand for multiple projects – you can just slip them right on the needle. I cannot wait to see what this new skill brings you. Thank you sharing your adventures.

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  4. Boy, do I feel for you! I’m a novice knitter myself and recently made a pussy Hat for my brother. Wow! Even something as simple as a knitted rectangle was a challenge because of the counting. And finding a comfortable way to hold your yarn…Yikes!

    I wish you patience and may your shawl turn out lovely.

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  5. I will look forward someday to listening to all your new tips and tricks on keeping an edge, etc. You go girl! As long as there is yarn we shall never tire of finding new ways to work with it! I’m yarn bombing a rocking horse in crochet at the moment for my grandson, which is a lot of free from crochet fun. You have taught me a lot of new stitches over time so I carry your wisdom in my fingers and away we go❣️

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  6. Hi, Esther.. I’m so glad you are learning to knit! Your first project looks wonderful! And it will look even better when it is blocked. 🙂 I have been knitting for many years and taught myself to crochet about 12 years ago. With your talent and ability, you will become a whiz at knitting in no time. (By the way, the pearl stitch is really a PURL stitch). I found the knit stitch easier to master than the purl stitch, but knitting is relaxing and beautiful. Congratulations on your determination to learn something new.

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  7. I had no doubt we would be hearing from you soon, along with would ‘ve a great picture of your work. Bravo for you learning to knit, but don’t forget about us crocheters.

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  8. I bought the same pattern after you showed it. I am about six rows ahead of you if the photo is correct. It’s a wonderful pattern that will be easy to adapt to many yarn choices.

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  9. Esther, I knit as well as crochet and tatting. Knitting is very easy and you are starting by using the knit stitch and garter stitch and with those two combined there are endless possibilities in what you can make. One thing I especially like about knitting VS crocheting, you can watch tv, kids playing soccer and husband working in the yard without having to watch what you are doing. Crochet you have to look for stitch to put your hook in but in knitting your stitches are all on your needles and easy to feel without looking. Also, in basic knitting one row and purling next row you will find correcting mistakes easy. Drop stitch and unravel down to your mistake and then using a crochet hook just work your way back up to the stitches you are currently working. You will enjoy knitting. Maybe a bunch of knitting a-longs (KAL’s) will be in the near future?? Enjoy and keep us posted!!!

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