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Our world is full of strong women and I am sure that you can name a few in your immediate circle. However, today I want to challenge you to see the strength in you. Many times we mistake strength for arrogance. No! Knowing what you are good at and living your gift is not being arrogant, it’s being the person you are made to be. Take pride in what you are good at, no matter how small it may seem, and live in the strength that your gift brings you. There is a beautiful reciprocity between knowing who we are and knowing what we are capable of. I too want to live in strength and wisdom and be the woman I am meant to be.

“She is clothed with strength and dignity,
and she laughs without fear of the future.
When she speaks, her words are wise,
and she gives instructions with kindness.”

– Proverbs 31:25-26 (NLT)

Women in all their beauty and diversity are celebrated in the new YARN bookazine, WOMAN. Many women share their stories and what motives them, all surrounded by many gorgeous knit and crochet designs.

I have not contributed a design to WOMAN, but I have found my favorite already. I am totally in love with the Big Sister Shawl designed by Tammy from Canadutch. Now that I can knit a bit I might just be able to make this too. I have a few balls of Scheepjes Our Tribe yarn in my stash that should look fabulous worked up in this design.

The latest YARN bookazine, as well as the previous ones, are available from Wool Warehouse (UK/Int), Black Sheep Wools (UK), Knotty House (CA), Caro’s Atelier (NL/EU), and your favorite Scheepjes Retailer.

Look around you and see the strong women in your life, and then look in the mirror and know that you are one of them.

With love,



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2 thoughts on “YARN5 Woman”

  1. Dank je wel voor je wijze woorden. Ik weet nu dat ik zelf ook blij mag zijn met het haken van een warme deken voor een vriendin die liefde nodig heeft en het breien van sokken voor een vriend met zere voeten.

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