Summer Shawl & Workshop

I have been working on a new shawl design over the past few months, and I would love to show it to you. I hope you like it, I know I sure do!

About the shawl

The shawl is insanely big and uses two skeins of Fyberspates yarn; one skein of Fyberspates Gleem which is a variegated lace yarn and one skein of Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace which is a solid colored yarn. I bought this luxury yarn from Breikunst, but it’s also available from Wool Warehouse and Black Sheep Wools.

I alternate the two yarns to create a lace shawl which is versatile and beautiful. The shawl is large enough to make it possible to wear it in several different ways, and the drape of the yarn is just gorgeous. To help the drape even further I have finished the shawl with a beaded edge. I have always been a fan of beads and have used them in several of my designs.


I will be showing you how to make this shawl during a 3 hour workshop at Breikunst in Arnhem, The Netherlands. The workshop is on June 9th, from 9.30 – 12.30 and participants get two lovely skeins of Fyberspates lace yarn, a crochet hook, the pattern, and a free goodie bag with crochet goodies from me. To reserve your place at the workshop, contact Louise from Breikunst, email

If you are able to come, I would love to see you there. The workshop will be in Dutch, but if any English speaking people attend, that is no problem at all. I am totally bilingual.

Name the shawl

I have made this lovely shawl, and now I have no idea how to call it. Maybe you could help me pick a name for this pattern? If you have any suggestions, pop them in the comments to this post. If I pick your suggestion I will send you a free copy of the pattern when I publish it. Hope you have some good suggestions, because I am totally out of ideas.

Looking forward to seeing you at the workshop and hearing your pattern name suggestions.

With love,



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47 thoughts on “Summer Shawl & Workshop”

  1. Hi Esther. I stumbled on your site and I cannot even begin to tell you how you’ve changed my life. I’ve followed your videos which are, quite honestly, the best I’ve ever watched.

    I have a small request. Do you think you could do a small miniature series? Like mini bags, or caps, or creatures, and the like?

    Thanks a million


  2. Absolutely beautiful and elegant! Will you be posting the pattern? Enjoy your workshop. Wish I could attend. It will be so much fun!
    Name of shawl: elegance


  3. This is gorgeous! I can’t wait until I can purchase this myself! All I can think about is Seeds and Shells looking at it.


  4. Hello from France!
    When I look to your new shawl, it makes me think of the “Années Folles” (circa 1920s) and if I was the creator of this wonderful shawl, I would call it “Charleston”, reminding of the dance and the style of that period.


  5. This immediately made me think of grape vines!! I then thought of wine!! My first name thought was “Stroll through the vineyards”. (Kinda long I know) then I thought of “Merlot” “Cabernet” and “Shiraz”. Just a few ideas!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Well it makes me think of waves on the shore – which makes me think of a song – so I suggest Every Breaking Wave or in case of copyright issues – Breaking Waves 🙂 . Its beautiful. I wish I could come to your workshop – it would be a fair way for me from England.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. It makes me think of Stevie Nicks , in fact she’d LOVE this!!! my mind her best album was
    Bella Donna
    so that’s the name I I vote for!


  8. The Peony Shawl, because the fans remind me of the huge pink peony blossoms I can see through my window.


  9. The shawl is beautiful Esther and I love you’ve added beading as I have just finished a project with beading and loved it. What about Gypsy Flamenco or Flamenco nights for the name because of the fans it made me think of flamenco dancers.


  10. Bonjour your shawl is so beautifull,elegant and so nice . i will name it Cancan like “French Cancan”


  11. It reminds me of a layered chandelier. The beads on the end also remind me of budding grapes.

    1. Grapes of wrath
    2. Chandelier
    3. Chardonnay
    4. Dappled vines


  12. To me this shawl is like “blushing perfection”.
    That’s what I would call it, but it’s probably not nearly as good a name as someone else would think.
    You are an Amazing Designer!!
    You have The most wonderful talent!

    I’ve been crocheting for more than 25 years and I don’t think I could ever design anything, I wouldn’t even know where to start…

    Blessings to you and yours



  13. Hi Ester,
    I’m so sorry I won’t be able to attend as I’m leaving in South Africa at the moment.
    I use your tutorials all the time and really appreciate them. I’m waiting for the pattern!
    As I suggested in the Facebook group, I thought of the name summer breeze for this lovely shawl.
    Thank you again! Dafna


  14. introducing “The Spanish Dancer ” She is stunning, she is a lively, happy danced in two’s……… your Granny and Fan design !


  15. Neopolitan lace because the colours you used remind me of neopolitan ice cream in a delicate place covering ☺️


  16. The pattern reminds me of a summer wildflower that grows along the rivers here called Water Avens. So maybe Summer Avens (or Summer Haven as a play on words and it would be a cosy haven during cool evenings), Aven Summer, Avens dreams, or Summer Gems as wildflowers and the beads used are.


  17. jEWELS AMONG ROCKS. Thats my suggestion. Will think of others too. Lovely shawl. Crossing my fingers and hoping to win


  18. Hi Esther, it has been a while since I have text you. I love your new Shawl. I really love it and can’t hardly wait for it to be published. I think that a lovely name would be Lady Charlotte.


  19. Buongiorno Esther,ti scrivo dall’Italia approfitto per farti i complimenti sei bravissima e stupenda.Mi sono avvicinata al mondo dell’uncinetto e me ne sono innamorata e grazie a persone come te mi invogli ancora di piu’ in questa favola meravigliosa…il nome che darei al tuo splendido scialle è Carpe Diem, mi fa sognare ricordandomi che proprio gli attimi colti sono i migliori….ti abbraccio Gaby


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