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Stitch Story CAL Video Tutorial Part 6

Time has not been on my side this week. My sincere apologies for keeping you waiting for part 6 of Stitch Story crochet along designed by Heather Gibbs.  I was planning to release the video yesterday, but things just got away from me all week. I have an insane teaching load at the moment, plus Ubuntu started this week, and I have a household also, and then there are many other things that just announce themselves unexpectedly. Result; I did not get round to releasing the video yesterday. But without further ado, here it is!

Resources & Materials

Video tutorial Part 6

In the video tutorial I show you how to make the long, textured ladders in the fabric. Just like last week, this week’s pattern is an example of overlay crochet were we work in layers to make a textured fabric.

My squares for Part 6

I am making my Stitch Story blanket in one color of Scheepjes River Washed yarn, the baby brother of the much loved Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn. I am using River Washed Wheaton (950), a soft shade with blue fluff and a cherry core, for my squares.

Scheepjes River Washed is available from Wool Warehouse (UK/Int), Black Sheep Wools (UK), Knotty House (CA), Caro’s Atelier (NL/EU) and many other Scheepjes stockists worldwide. Thank you for supporting my work by buying your yarn through the links on my blog ❤

My Scheepjes River Washed squares are starting to make a considerable stack.

Two weeks from now I will release the video for part 7, again a few days after Heather releases the written pattern. See you then.

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4 thoughts on “Stitch Story CAL Video Tutorial Part 6”

  1. Hi Esther,Thankyou for all you do for us crochaholics. Quite simply you are like Wonder Woman! I don’t know how you fit everything in. Just wish I could do the same. Well done and I hope you will manage to get just some time for yourself. Have a lovely weekend sweetheart and thanks again. With love Meryl xx

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