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Ubuntu CAL Video Tutorials Part 4

I have had such a great time at Yarndale last weekend, and it was wonderful to meet some of you. It is always wonderful to hear that I can help you make beautiful things. And speaking of which, today we start another beautiful thing, we are starting with the half diamonds in our Ubuntu blanket. The half diamonds are my favorite part of the project, and over the next 3 weeks we will be making 6 of them.

Ubuntu is designed Dedri Uys from Look at What I made for the Scheepjes crochet along 2018. Under Resources you find all the links and information you need for Ubuntu.


Yarn Kits

Kits are available from most Scheepjes stockists. If you buy your kit from a shop that I link to on my blog, you are supporting my work and helping me to keep making new videos. I get a small commission from the shop based on what you buy. Ubuntu kits are available from:

Video resources

Video tutorials Part 4

For the half diamonds we jump right in and start with the center flower motif. You need to make 6 identical diamonds and in the video I show you how to do them step by step. As always the videos are available in English with UK terminology in right and left handed versions; as well as Dutch in, again, right and left handed versions.

You might notice that your half diamonds are uneven, and even curl a bit inward. Don’t worry about this, it will straighten itself out as the motif grows.

Did you know that in the video description there is a link to the start of each round? If you click on the time stamp given, it will take you to the start of that round in the video.

Next week we grow the half diamonds further.

With love,


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5 thoughts on “Ubuntu CAL Video Tutorials Part 4”

  1. The tutorial are absolutely amazing, I am a crochet beginner and am so excited what I am creating with such a good and patient tutor

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  2. Hi Esther, I am loving your blog!!! We met at Yarndale – myself and my mum (who has a rainbow in her hair!). Anyway, the shawl you were wearing was so beautiful, I asked you about the pattern etc. we had a bit of a chat about paid patterns and the ethics around copying etc. Anyway, I tried to find the shawl/wrap on Ravelry and of course I can’t remember what it was called, and they are all so gorgeous – can you jog my memory please? I literally want to make all your designs and am definitely going to be playing catch up with this Ubuntu project and even use your temperature blanket idea for next year. Thanks for your generosity and kindness, meeting the Scheepjes bloggers was a real highlight for me. xx

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