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Baby Elements CAL Video Tutorial Part 1

It’s a fun day today because we are starting a new crochet along. We are making Baby Elements; a baby blanket designed by Sandra Kuijer from Hooks and Yarn. Under Resources you find all the information you need to make your own Baby Elements.


Video Tutorial Baby Elements Part 1

Part 1 of Baby Elements is similar to Elements, so if you have made the original blanket, the first part of the sequel will be familiar to you. Baby Elements has a completely different look to it because of the way we alternate between the colored and white yarn. Even though the start of Baby Elements is similar to Elements, I take you step by step through making the fist part.

Make your own Baby Elements

To make a Baby Elements, you need 4 colors of Scheepjes Cahlista, and one color of Scheepjes Soft Fun. The Cahlista is used for the details in the blanket whereas the Soft Fun is a background color. You will need the following yarn amounts and materials to make your Baby Elements:

Scheepjes Soft Fun and Scheepjes Cahlista are available from Wool Warehouse (UK/Int), Black Sheep Wools (UK), Knotty House (CA/UK), Caro’s Atelier (NL/EU) and many other Scheepjes retailers.

Next week we will continue with part 2 of Baby Elements in which we will be using colors 2 and 3 also. Hope to see you then.

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6 thoughts on “Baby Elements CAL Video Tutorial Part 1”

  1. Hi, Esther! I’m double-dipping with you right now—I started my Sophie a week ago, and also starting this one. As always, your videos are perfection. Just one question—on an invisible join, how do you “unpick the knot” of the standing starting stitch, and what do you do with the yarn you unpick to make sure it doesn’t unravel? I’m a huge fan of the invisible join, but I never knew what to do with that unsightly knot! Any chance you can get it into the part 3 video, or are you all done with the videos and just posting them on release day?


    1. follow the yarn back on it’s path to undo the slipknot, you will pull it through one turn only. the yarn will not unravel because it will pull tight again when you pull at it. as a quick practice, work a standing stitch, and then undo the slip knot, you will see what I mean

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        1. I FINALLY GOT IT! But let me tell you a funny story.

          I made my slipknot, did a test stitch, and tried to undo it. Pulling it through one turn was not good–there was still a knot there–and it was on the other side of the stitch, so I had to go through the stitch and then also undo the knot. Then there was nothing to “pull tight,” so clearly I must have done it wrong. I tried it a few more times, still no go.

          In the Hooks and Yarn Facebook Group, one of the ladies mentioned undoing the slipknot, and I was all “How do you do it?” She described the same thing as you–and then she posted a video. I watched the video three times, did mine–still no go.

          It was MADDENING. But worse than not being able to follow written instructions was not being able to follow a VIDEO. I can SEE IT RIGHT THERE! But mine just didn’t look the same. WHY? WHY? WHY? 😉

          All of a sudden, it hit me. There are two ways to make a slipknot: one where you pull through the short end to make the loop, and one where you pull through the other end of the yarn–the end still connected to the skein. When I pulled through that loop, the sky parted and all was illuminated!

          The only thing I can think of is that, although I crochet right-handed, I am, in fact, left-handed, and my brain still does some things differently.

          SO–thank you for starting me on a journey where I ended up learning a new technique to make my crocheting better!

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