Small yarn balls for a large project

Look at these super cute little balls of yarn! Aren’t they the sweetest things? But don’t underestimate these little balls, I have big plans for them.

A few years ago I made my stripey pouf using scrap yarn, and since then it is being used intensively in my house. My sons use it for everything from a table to a stool…

…and my cats use it to sleep on.

Inevitably, all this use has left the pouf a bit shabby looking. It’s made from various yarns, primarily cheaper acrylic yarns from a local budget stores, and it’s showing a lot of pilling.

Time to make a new pouf, and this time using cotton yarn so that it lasts longer. I am going to make a new pouf using not one, but 109 small Scheepjes Cahlista mini balls of yarn. These tiny balls are available in a single box, the Scheepjes Cahlista Colour Pack. These packs are available from Wool Warehouse (Ships International), Knotty House (USA/CA), Caro’s Atelier (NL/EU), (NL) and many other Scheepjes retailers.

The small balls are 15g each, and contain enough yarn to make prototypes, small projects such as amigurumi, or squares and other motifs. You can really see the difference in size between the small balls and their big brothers. The cutie pie balls come in exactly the same colors as the regular 50g Cahlista balls.

I am going to turn this seriously big pile of little balls into a large pouf with a different design to my old one. Next week I will show you how it’s going.

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5 thoughts on “Small yarn balls for a large project”

  1. I have the small balls of yarn also but i want to make granny squares with it but i might wait to see if anyone else will do the same so i can copy there designs


  2. I have the the same small balls of yarn but i don’t know what to do with them i wishing some one will start a granny square with them so i can see the example they make with them


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