A Pouf in Progress

It takes some time, and at times it’s one step forward and two steps back, but I am making progress with my pouf. Last week I showed you the cute little Scheepjes Cahlista balls which are part of the Cahlista Colour Pack. I am turning these little balls into a pouf, my Pouf of Many Colors.

I am using all 109 colors in the Scheepjes Cahlista Colour Pack to make a pouf. These packs are available from Wool Warehouse (Ships International), Knotty House (USA/CA), Caro’s Atelier (NL/EU), (NL) and many other Scheepjes retailers.

I started with wanting to make thin stripes on the edge of the pouf, and considering that there are 109 little balls in the pack, I wanted to make 109 thin stripes. But I was making these stripes, and thought, this isn’t going to work. The reason is that the stripes are 70cm (28″) long, meaning the pouf would be 70cm (28″) high. And considering that the width of the fabric would result in a pouf with a diameter of about 60cm (24″) it would be a top-heavy, unusable thing. So I frogged my first attempt.

My second attempt I made the stripes shorter and thicker. But this meant that I couldn’t use all the colors on the edge of the pouf. I did some maths, it would result in a pouf with a diameter of about 4m (14ft)!!! NOT an option either. So I changed my plans again. I am going to use about 1/3 of the colors for the edge, and the other balls for the top and bottom of the pouf.

During this whole process I’ve had lots of company from my cat Troy. He is such a nuisance at times, claiming my hook, sitting on my work and just being in the way. Can’t help loving him ❤

I am making good progress with my Pouf of Many Colors, I hope to show you next week what it looks like when all done.

With love,


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8 thoughts on “A Pouf in Progress”

  1. Greetings from Ohio!
    I love your site and your YouTube videos. Listening to you discuss crochet projects is about the most soothing thing I’ve found, and I’ve learned so much from them! My grandson (2 years old) loves your videos too, so maybe he’ll like crocheting once he’s older.
    I love the idea for a pouf, but I think I’ll use all my scraps and make one for each of my grandchildren (4 now, with another due any minute). I can’t justify bringing more yarn into my house–I have no more places to hide it! (LOL!)
    Thank you again!


  2. What a lot of calculations to work out the sizing of the pouf! Makes my head spin. I am so glad we have designers like yourself creating patterns that the rest of us can simply follow. Beautiful colours though, I am seriously tempted by the Scheepjes Calista colour pack. That has to go on the wish list.Thank you.

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