Bohemian Temperature Wrap 2019 all done!

2019 is behind us, and I have finished my Bohemian Temperature Wrap I made last year. It has taken me a few days before I could photograph it because there is just no light at the moment, but I finally got enough sunshine to be able to make a few quick photos. Be ready for a photo-heave post, showing not only my wrap, but also some beautiful wraps made by other lovely people.


Showing off my wrap!

My wrap is finished, and you can really see how 2019 progressed. The year starts on the far right corner, with quite a few cold days, even days below freezing. Then, we hit summer early, with summer temperatures already in April. These warm, and even hot, temperatures lasted for much of the year, well into autumn. We even had days above 40oC this year, which is unheard of in The Netherlands. Autumn and the start of winter was also warm, proven by the yellow stripes in the last part of the wrap.

The wrap is large, and just lovely to wrap around yourself. You can wear it as a shawl, or as a wrap, and it really feels lovely. Scheepjes Cotton 8 yarn I used for my wrap has a lovely drape that really works well on my Boho Wrap. Plus with it being 100% cotton, it is hypoallergenic.

I used 17 balls of Scheepjes Cotton 8 for my wrap, but how much yarn you use will depend on your color placement. This is my color breakdown.

  • 1 x 700 Light Grey (-1oC / 31oF and lower)
  • 1 x 622 Light Blue (0oC – 5oC / 32oF – 40oF)
  • 3 x 563 Bright Blue (6oC – 10oC / 41oF – 50oF)
  • 3 x 517 Spring Green (11oC – 15oC / 51oF – 59oF)
  • 3 x 551 Yellow (16oC – 20oC / 60oF – 68oF)
  • 3 x 716 Orange (21oC – 25oC / 69oF – 77oF)
  • 2 x 720 Fuchsia (26oC – 30oC / 78oF – 86oF)
  • 1 x 661 Purple (31oC / 87oF and above)

Showing off your wraps!

Many people have also made a wrap, and they are just lovely. Some are from climates similar to mine, and some are totally different. Aren’t they just fabulous?!

Make your own Bohemian Temperature Wrap

To make a Bohemian Temperature Wrap, you need 8 colors of Scheepjes Cotton 8. The colors I have chosen make a classic rainbow from cool to warm colors. In my announcement post I make an estimate regarding yarn amounts. Scheepjes Cotton 8 yarn is available from Wool Warehouse (International), Knotty House (USA?CA), Caro’s Atelier (NL) and many other Scheepjes Stockists. To make a wrap of your won, you can find the FREE PATTERN HERE.


The pattern for the wrap is a triangular shape worked in linen stitch, starting from one corner and gradually increasing along the diagonal. January 1st has only one stitch, and December 31st has around 170 stitches. All details regarding the stitch pattern, gauge and stitch counts is in the written pattern available in English and Dutch.

If you are making a temperature wrap, I would really enjoy seeing your work. Use the hashtag #itsallinanutshell on Facebook and Instagram to help me find it, share your work in my It’s all in a Nutshell Crochet Nuts group on Facebook or tag me in one of your posts.

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