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Granny Squares for a new blanket

I have been turning my Scheepjes Catona Cutie Pies into granny squares. Last week I told you about the yarn, time to show you what my squares look like.

I have been working on these squares since my summer holiday last year. They are perfect project for on the go. I have a small project bag in which pop a few cutie pies, along with the pattern and some other bits and bobs, and work up a square or two while waiting for my youngest son at music rehearsal or my eldest son at volleyball practice. I can work up a square in about 20 minutes or so.

Catona Colour Pack

The color pack I am using for my new blanket is a Scheepjes Catona Colour Pack with 109 Cutie Pies, each ball contains 10g of mercerized cotton. Scheepjes Catona Cutie Pie balls are sold separately, but they are also available as a Colour Pack.

Scheepjes Catona Colour Packs are available from Wool Warehouse (UK)/International, Black Sheep Wools (UK), Knotty House (USA/CA), Caro’s Atelier (NL/EU), and (NL).

Turning Cutie Pies into a Blanket

I am turning every little ball into a square, and then I am going to join the squares to make a blanket. A tip, if you are working with so many colors which are sometimes really similar, put a small yarn thread around the wrapper. This way you still know which square is which color number when we start joining them up.

Curious about the rest?

Below you find links to the other posts and the pattern related to my blanket. I am done with the squares, but I still haven’t shown you everything there is to know about the blanket. Want to know more? Be sure to follow the links.

Be sure to visit my blog next week, or follow me on Instagram to see my finished blanket.

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11 thoughts on “Granny Squares for a new blanket”

  1. Hi where can i find the granny square that you have finished making i have Scheepjes 10g river washed and stone washed.


  2. They look beautiful – so colourful. And I love a portable project like this 🙂 I am intrigued about how you plan to join them (and what colour you will use for this!!) and excited to see the finished project. Thanks for sharing!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello Esther! I loved this pattern of granny squares. Do you have a video of it? I don’t know how to read patterns, but y made the Charlotte’s dream with your youtube tutorial! I would love to do a granny square blanket with your patternand my box of Catona Cuties!!


  4. Hello Esther,
    I’ve just discovered your beautiful world!
    I’m new to crochet. Do you think I’ll be able to do this beautiful blanket?
    Thanks a lot for sharing such colourful projects and tips!
    Ghislaine in France


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