Stash busting continues with HUGE Bavarian squares

My stash of odd balls, random colors and varying amounts of yarn is actually coming together! All those random balls of yarn have magically turned into squares. Well, not completely magically…

I made about two of these squares using a bavarian stitch pattern, and then my time was asked by other projects. Luckily I have a maker who makes things for me when I run out of time. I took the bag of yarn, and the squares I had already made plus the half-written pattern and went to visit Shirly for a cup of coffee. Her husband makes great coffee by the way!

I started my squares with randomly choosing colors as I go, and when I dropped the bag off at Shirly’s I gave her the instructions “enjoy, no rush, and just use colors as you like”. Half way through I send her more random yarn because she ran out, this pattern is a yarn eater for sure. The end result is actually remarkably holistic. I picked up this HUGE pile of squares from her a few months later.

I added an extra round, all in the same color, and turned the squares into a blanket by joining them and then I had a HUGE king size blanket. And that was it. This blanket has been in my living room for almost a year, half finished. My sons use it on a daily basis, and they love it to bits. But the yarn tails are still dangling from the blanket!

So next time you feel guilty about an unfinished project, know that you don’t have to finish a project to use it intensively. But I have promised myself to finish this blanket. So this week I am going to work away those yarn tails, and get round to finishing the last round of the border, because yes, the working loop has been secured by a stitch marker for almost a year now. This blanket will need a serious wash because it always seems to end up on the floor in my house. I am sure your kids are well behaved, but sometimes I believe mine were born as Neanderthals!

I will keep you posted on the blanket. You can find the FREE pattern HERE.

With love,

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39 thoughts on “Stash busting continues with HUGE Bavarian squares”

  1. Love it do you have the pattern or a video showing how to do that stitch. I am a visual learner with crochet so I would love a video of how to do the squares, have tons of left overs from knitting projects


      1. It’s wonderful Esther and the threads give it some character. I love your tutorials. I am almost done with my Demelza blanket.


      2. Thanks for sharing another stash busting idea. I will try this pattern in the future when I want to use up my small amounts of yarn. They will not go to waste. Thanks again♥

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  2. Can relate to this completely! My first ever crochet project was a granny square blanket about six years ago and still haven’t gotten round to the tail ends. Family favourite for movie night, though hubby claims it as his (pink too!)

    And, yes, my children are the same, I don’t call them “Neanderthals” but I do call them hooligans 😂

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  3. Esther, I adore you! I used most of my stash this winter by making 85 pairs of slipper socks in random combinations. I am part of a very large family! Thanks for what you do. I love your skill.

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  4. I love this blanket so much! Could you send me the pattern for a square. I have never done the bavarian stitch. It is beautiful!!
    With love for crochet…


  5. What a fantastic idea for scrap yarn! I love that Bavarian stitch and doing squares keeps the rounds a manageable size! Thanks for the suggestion!


  6. Hello Ester, thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience with others! I am new to crochet and look forward to learning the art of creating beautiful projects.


  7. Always love your creative treasures. Please shoot us an email once you’re done, so that we may share in your creativity.
    As always, thank you for sharing your talents. I’d say be blessed, but it appears you already are. ☺️

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      1. Great! Sorry I didn’t see your responses to other’s same question until after I’d posted it! I have plenty of projects on the go already, but why not have just one more I say 🙂

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  8. Beautiful. Good work. Is there a pattern for the first lot of granny sqaures you made. It’s a new pattern from all the odd yarn. Please


  9. I have a Bavarian wool eater that I finished about 7 years ago. There’s still a few ends waiting to be woven in 😂


  10. Esther …. i’ve missed you n your patterns n your posts! Been quarantined n doing lots of chores, house cleaning, yard work, etc. Remember me! I won the giveaway for yard several years ago. Going to go window shopping thru your website n see what you have been up to. Hope you are staying healthy n safe! Take care……..Penny

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  11. Hi Esther. I am enjoying your blog, your youtube channel, and your patterns. I have a question about this one. What did you do if you ran out of a color in the middle of a row? Have you determined how much yarn is needed for each row?


    1. Sometimes, I used a color that was similar (so for example two shades of red), sometimes I frogged the round. At a certain point you have an idea of how much yarn you need per rounds, and then you kind of eyeball if you have enough before starting the round.


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