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d’Histoire Naturelle CAL – Gauge Swatch Video

We are making a tiny start on d’Histoire Naturelle Blanket designed by Christina from A Spoonful of Yarn. We are making the first few rounds of the pattern as our gauge swatch. In this post you find the links to the written patterns, the video tutorials, and all other things you might need under resources and video tutorials.


d’Histoire Naturelle CAL Video playlists

d’Histoire Naturelle Colorways and Yarn Kits

d’Histoire Naturelle is available in in four beautiful colorways inspired by the colors and textures from the four departments of the Museum in Paris, and are available in Scheepjes Stone Washed/River Washed or Colour Crafter.

The Stone Washed/River Washed kits are available in the colorways Entomology, Herbarium, Conchology and Mineralogy and will give you a blanket of about 140cm x 140cm. The Color Crafter kits are available in the same colorways Entomology, Herbarium, Conchology and Mineralogy and will give you a blanket of about 150cm x 150cm.

Kits are available for order from Wool Warehouse (UK/Int), The Knitting Network (UK/Int)Caro’s Atelier (NL/EU), and many other Scheepjes stockists.

d’Histoire Naturelle – Gauge Swatch Video Tutorials

Find all video tutorials for d’Histoire Naturelle in one YouTube playlist on my YouTube channel. You can also find the videos on the Scheepjes website and in the English and Dutch Facebook groups. I will have the videos available as in English UK Terminology – Right handed, English UK Terminology – Left handed, Nederlands – Rechtshandig, and Nederlands – Linkshandig.

My d’Histoire Naturelle: Herbarium

I am using the Stone Washed Herbarium colorway to make my blanket. Today the first teeny tiny part of the blanket. Here is my little flower.

Next week we start with part 1 for real, see you then!

With love,

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14 thoughts on “d’Histoire Naturelle CAL – Gauge Swatch Video”

  1. Op mijn vraag of er mensen zijn die deze CAL ook in katoen gaan maken (ivm allergie) kreeg ik in de Scheepjes FB-groep hele nare reacties. Ik ben zeurderig en klagerig, moest het gewoon zelf uitzoeken want men zag het probleem niet.
    Ik had graag onder jouw leiding mee willen haken maar door de vervelende reacties is mijn motivatie verdwenen, helaas.
    Veel succes!
    Gerda Defares


    1. dat begrijp ik. mensen zijn soms gemeen, nergens voor nodig. ❤
      Er is echt niets dat je let om de mooiste katoendraad te pakken dat je kunt vinden en volgende week deel 1 te haken, dat is een mooi vierkantje. Dan kun je kijken of je verder wilt of niet. Dat vierkantje kan ook een onderdeel worden van iets anders als je toch niet verder wilt. 🙂


    2. Hoop dat u gewoon meedoet! Ik heb n.l. ook ander garen, zorg er wel voor dat mijn haaknaald voor dit garen correct is. Mijn deken zal er wel iets groter door worden, maar dat vind ik niet erg. Het is het plezier van haken. Nieuwe dingen uitvinden, en met de uitleg -video’s van Esther op deze pagina kan iedereen dit doen!.


      1. That makes me sad. I ordered the kit for this one knowing I would learn alot. I never expected that there would NOT be US videos. (I also know its alot of extra work for you.) I will watch the UK videos and hope for the best. Thank you.


  2. This is brilliant, thank you so much! I’m really a knitter and haven’t done much crochet so far, and only in German. I ordered this kit on a whim because that blanket is just so spectacular. I was quite intimidated when I checked out the written material today, but now that I’ve seen your video, I’m confident I can do it, and enjoy myself very much in the process!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I was so happy to see you in the youtubes this morning. I got the Herbarium cotton kit which is soooo beautiful and I didn’t start there, because, well, I was so happy with the Scheepjes to begin with. The colors and the soft quality. Just gorgeous. I crocheted to YOU and noticed you are using the English terms, so for us treble is double and so on. But Esther, this is where your hands come in, you see? Because all I had to do was to watch you! Oh I have just used the colors Alphen and Dordrecht, I am in love with these colors. So, I will blog later. Making the kit with you is going to be a highlight for me. First CAL ever, and I had seen all of yours, almost doing them! Thank you, so. No one will go wrong, because we all have YOU!


  4. Dear Esther, i feel as i have coming home after the Rozeta CAL last year now to begin this CAL. To hear you calm voice explaining every step in your wonderful video makes me happy and confident for crocheting a wonderful blanket project with your help. Thanks so much in advance from Germany !!!


  5. It looks beautiful, just like yours. I knew you would make this perfect for all of us. I hope you don’t mind that I linked your first video of it, because I am writing about it. Esther, thank you. If only you knew how beautiful your videos “look” but at the same time, how easy you make it seem. I know what stitches you are making, so the terms are not a problem. I am just watching your hands.


  6. Kan ik het patroon in pdf ergens vinden en een
    overzicht van de kleuren on het patroon voor het pakket entomologie? Sommige van mijn bollen hebben een extra kleur/patroonnummer, anderen alleen het color en lot nummer.


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