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165 year of Scheepjes creativity

It doesn’t happen very often that a company turns 165 years old, but Scheepjes stood test of time. Times have been tough for this little Dutch company too, but they weathered the storms. Over the past few years, the little Scheepjes boat has found a strong head wind in its sail and has been sailing from strength to strength.

This little poem captures the humble beginnings perfectly. I do my best to read this poem to you, in the first ever video I have recorded with myself in full view. As easy as it is for me to show you how to make the most intricate crochet stiches, so stressful it is to read this poem to you.

Limited edition mugs

To celebrate 165 years of creativity, Scheepjes has released a new limited edition mug with the poem on it. These mugs really are limited, gone is seriously gone. I consider myself really very lucky to have one! And there is a matching totes too!!

I have mug #923, which number do you have? Who are my neighbors I wonder. Who has #922 and #924? Let me know if it’s you, such fun to find out who has which mug.

These mugs are available from Scheepjes stockists, such as Caro’s Atelier (NL/EU) and Snuffle Bean Yarns (UK). If your favorite shop does not have them in stock, just ask them to order the mug for you from Scheepjes.

Past edition mugs

In the past years there have been several limited editions Scheepjes mugs. I have all of them! I just LOVE collecting things. Here are all my mugs. From left to right, the 2017 mug designed by Clare Norden, the 2016 mug designed by Ashley Percival, and the 2018 mug designed by Aleksandra Sobol Olalarte.

Some of these mugs are still available, but you will have to search the internet for them. I happened to find one at Wool Warehouse, so hunt them down if you want one. Some of them are also still in stock at Scheepjes, so ask your favorite shop if they can order one for you.

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6 thoughts on “165 year of Scheepjes creativity”

  1. I so enjoyed that video. And such true words! I’m in a little town, population 195, in Wyoming, USA; yet, I feel as if all the Scheepjes bloggers overseas are my friends! Thank you for bringing us all together, Scheepjes, and thank you, Esther, for all your videos that ensure that my Scheepjes yarns always produce beautiful projects.

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  2. Its nice to put a face to your voice. I love your videos —. They are so well done and so helpful thanks for all you do to help us with our crochet projects

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I was lucky. I went to a store in the USA. They only had two available. I don’t need any more cups. It would be ideal if this item was a yarn holder. I think that it’d be more practical. One company in the UK, was having trouble shipping to the US because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


  4. Thank you Esther for all the beautiful tutorials which even I can understand. And of course, congratulations Scheepjes!!! 🥳🎉💖

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