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Dorset Button

Where does the time go! Do you also have a small project somewhere in a project bag that literally only needs an hour or two, three at the most, to complete but somehow you just never seem to get round to it? This exactly happen with my Dorset Button, but not anymore, it is finally done.

I started this button in a workshop when I attended a yarn retreat back in 2019. The workshop was given by Hester from Bodkin Creates, she showed us various options for how such a button could look like. I went for a floral basket design. I covered the ring, made the flower stems, and added my first few flowers, and that was pretty much the end of it for two years.

I had the button, with some embroidery floss and a few other treads all in a little pouch, and it stared accusingly at me every time I looked in my project cart. Time to FINALLY complete my button. I made the French knots, put the flowers in a vase, attached a broach clip, and that only took me two years to do.

When it comes down to it, it’s the small things that we tend to put off, isn’t it? There is a lot of truth in the expression “don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today”. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

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14 thoughts on “Dorset Button”

  1. This is beautiful, I have only made symmetrical buttons myself. They are actually called DorSet buttons after the county in England where they were traditionally made. 😁👏

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  2. I love the button. Its beautiful and inspiring in so many ways! Can you remember what the base is? I can think of a number of possibilities, like washers used for plumbing….Thanks for sharing


  3. That’s adorable. I cleaned my craft room recently and found several small unfinished items and I put them in a basket next to my living room chair. It felt great to finish them all…in about two hours…that evening. I don’t know why that happens sometimes. The creative brain just moves on too quickly.


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