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Bright colors for a relaxing project

Every once in a while I enjoy making a “brainless” project. A project that I can do in front of the TV; something that doesn’t require my constant attention because the pattern is easy. The advantage of an easy and repetitive pattern is that the muscle memory in my hands goes on auto-pilot, leaving my mind to relax. That kind of project is what I am aiming for with my new design in which I use two Scheepjes Whirls to make a comfortably sized lap-blanket.


Letting the yarn do the work

One reason I really love color changing yarn is because the yarn does all the work for you, and in simple patterns without many complicated stitches a color changing yarn gives character to your work. You don’t have to worry about adding new colors or changing colors at a logical place, the yarn does all that work for you!

My design uses two Scheepjes Whirls, and specifically the Whirls from the Ombré collection. These are all colorways that only change shade, so from light purple to dark purple or from light orange to dark orange. By using the Ombré collection, the blanket will not be chaotic with different colors fighting each other. Instead it will have a subtle change from light shades to dark shades.

Scheepjes Whirl is available from Wool Warehouse (UK/Int), Caro’s Atelier (EU/NL), (NL), and many other Scheepjes stockists world wide.

More next week!

The two colors that I am working with are Citrus Squeeze (563) and Shrinking Violet (558). These two colors really contrast (yellow and purple are opposing colors on the color wheel), so even through the colors are subtle, together they will still pop! I will show you what I mean next week.

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