Sophie’s Universe – Video Tutorials

Find all the information for Sophie’s Universe, including pattern links, video links, yarn packs and photographs.


Yarn Packs

There are several Yarn Packs available that includes everything you need. These have been assembled by Dedri Uys and the colorway for each pack is on her blog.

There are also yarn extension packs that allow you to make the squares Jack and Lydia so that you can extend your blanket. These are an addition to the original packs.

sophie's universe

Video Tutorials

                  granny square crochet lydia granny square crochet jack zipper join crochet granny squares betty's beautiful border video

My Rainbow Sophie

In my color chart you can find which yarn choices I made, or rather did not make. There was no predetermined color planning. I literally took it one row at a time looking at what was available in my yarn stash. I have made a serious hole in my stash which means I can buy new yarn! I will post soon to show you what I have bought.

Sophie's Universe

sophie's universe

The Road to make Sophie’s Universe

If you want to look back on all the previous posts for Sophie’s Universe, here they are all listed. Part 1, Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8, Part 10 & 11Part 12Part 13Part 14Part 15Part 16Part 17Part 18Part 19Part 20.

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39 thoughts on “Sophie’s Universe – Video Tutorials”

  1. I certainly appreciate the videos you have made to guide us through Sophie step-by-step. I know I wouldn’t be able interpret the pattern to get all the stitches and stitch counts correct without your help! I have found a way to make it easier to find the correct stitches when working behind other stitches (like in row 13). At least it worked out a lot easier for me. I made good use of my stitch markers by counting ahead and marking the stitches with the stitch markers, For example, counting to the 4th stitch after each of the stitches that are used for the 2nd set of 4 trs, in row 13, I placed stitch markers in the 4th, 5th, and 6th stitches ahead of time–you know the spot–the section where the 3 scs are worked, with connecting the picot stitch in the middle st of those 3 scs. I did this all the way around–only figuring this out AFTER struggling with trying to find the stitches while I was trying to work through the row for about one third of that row! It made it go a bit faster, with a LOT less frustration doing it that way. I also had a difficult time figuring out where the 2nd stitch in the picot was. So I placed a stitch marker right after the second ch st, before making the 3rd ch st to mark the spot, so that when I needed to find it, it would be a lot easier. I know most of you are all done making your Sophies, but this might help those of you out there who started sooo late, like me–or in any other crochet pattern that has “hidden” stitches you need to hunt for!

    Again, Esther, I am soooo thankful for your guidance through this lovely experience, so that I, too can have a Sophie!

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  2. Hello there! I love doing my Sophie’s Universe but I have been stuck on Round 42 for weeks now. I go to watch the video for round 42 but it never gets there. I am retired so I am home but I am not the type of person to sit and watch the video’s for hours till the round I want comes up. Is there anywhere that will take me right to the round I want. THank you and have a nice Monday..


  3. Thank you so much for the videos! I am just starting on Sohie–the biggest project I have ever made outside of a sewing machine. As a visual learner, I find them extremely helpful–you have a soothing voice, clear diction, and make it all seem so easy.

    Thanks again!


  4. I have now finished my 1st Sophie, a big thank you to Dedri for the pattern and a big thank you for your tutorials, without them I would never had been able to make it. I liked it that much I am now starting on a second one for my mother’s 70th birthday. Once again a huge thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. To block part 7, or any other part, pin it down with needels on a foam board or mat. Then make it wet and leave to dry. When you pin it down make sure to get it to the shape you want to. After wettig it you May have to stretch it a bit to get it flat.


  5. Hoi Esther, wat toch heerlijk dat jij deze geweldige video’s op je site zet. Duidelijk, vooral rustig, nog maar eens een herhaling…..echt te gek. Ik ben nu met m’n tweede Sophie bezig, maar je vergeet gewoon weer hoe het ook weer was. Dus als je met het patroon van Dedri het niet helemaal zeker weet, kan je de video gebruiken.
    Je hebt alles ook prachtig gerangschikt op je site, lekker makkelijk bij elkaar. Vandaag heb ik het boek van Dedri besteld bij Bol, dat is helemaal te gek.
    Een kleine opmerking over een verspreking die je maakt in deel 3 Round 18. Op tijdstip 21:53 moet je 3 hdc’s maken maar je zegt 3 treble’s. Dat zijn de 3 hdc’s meteen na de fptr .

    Ik zag dat er een nieuwe scheepjescal komt in februari. ziet er geweldig uit en ik denk dat ik mee ga doen. Vooral omdat jij de video’s erbij maakt.

    Succes met alles waar je mee bezig bent en nogmaals dank voor alles.

    Hartelijke groeten,


  6. Hello! I absolutely love your sophie’s universe YouTube tutorials! Thank you for those. I want to try and make it one day. I also adore those beautiful crochet hooks in your giveaway! Everything about them and the case are lovely. Hope your day is filled with smiles and sunshine!


  7. Thank you for the tutorial of Sophie’s Universe. I’m about to start mine. I’m using the stonewashed XL for the large version. Do I still use the US D? It’s my understanding that each size version is only different due to yarn thickness. Wouldn’t the needle size change for the large?

    Please advise.


  8. Love the videos, got the book and yarn, just getting started. Biggest crochet project I’ve attempted so far and your videos have greatly improved my confidence that I can finish this. THanks very much!


  9. Thank you for your wonderful generosity. This is fantastic and inspirational. Cant wait to start my Sophie. Regards Jenny


  10. My son and I would both like to make Sophie’s Universe and have for some time. However, finding the book seems to be near impossible. We are in the US. Can anyone steer us to a copy by chance?


  11. Your instructions are great but I found it very difficult to see where your stitches were being made for round 42 as the yarn in round 41 was so dark.


      1. Thank you so very much for your videos I found it very helpful to understand the pattern I couldnt’ve finished it without your help .
        I have one question after I finished my sofie’s I found that it wasn’t lying straight from the middle even after stretching do you think this will be solved after I block it ?
        Thank you xx


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