My Crochet Projects

Here you find an overview of all the projects that I worked on. Patterns that are my own are indicated with “FREE PATTERN” or “PAID PATTERN“, patterns which I have made free video tutorials for are indicated with “VIDEO TUTORIAL“, and some projects I have only participated in and are indicated with “MAKE“.

Afghans and Blankets

Biesbosch-BlanketCharlottesUniverse  EnigmaBlanket  MorvanBlanket                                             

Baby Blankets




Cushions & Home Deco

Bird-Feet-BasketTriptych-Mandalasspinnenweb-onderzetters  BloomingDreams  ConnectedCushion                   

Shawls and Wraps

Diamondiferous-delight-shawl  FourSeasonsShawl                                 






33 thoughts on “My Crochet Projects”

  1. I’m SO happy to have found your video tutorials! I’ve tried starting my Scheepjeswol CAL twice now and just can’t get my head round it. Watching the first couple of your tutorials, I know I’ll be able to make it now – thank you SO much!


  2. Esther, I just had to thank you for the videos for Sophie. Without your calm voice to guide me through each round I would be so lost. Thank you again for your generousity with your time and talents. Katrina, Pennsyvania USA.

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  3. Thank you so much for the videos you are doing for Sophie’s Universe! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them. When can we expect part 9 and 10’s videos?



  4. I am so glade to have found you. I am now making three Sophie blankets, two of them will be Christmas presents. They are so beautiful and your tutorial is giving me the confidence to make these beauty, so thank you. One question, how do you tidy the threads left when you have changed colour, including the magic ring?


    1. The magic ring i work through the stitches in two directions. I also do this with the other rounds. I work in a thread of at least 15cm and in two directions. I try to work in the stitches of the same color so that it is not too obvious.


  5. Thanks so much for making your videos…Im working through Sophies Universe now and I know I would have given up ages ago if it wasn’t for your calm voice and detailed instructions. Im looking forward to joining the Around the Bases CAL too.
    Rene in Australia


  6. Happy Birthday! As a fairly new crocheter I am in envy of your beautiful work and would never have made it through the ATB CAL without your videos. I live in the US so I don’t have access to this yarn, however I would love to try making something with it.


    1. Hi Bella,

      The spice of life afgan is a big project. At the moment I do not have the time to make a whole series of videos for it.

      There are several new CAL’s planned for 2016, can’t give any details as they are all top secret, but I am sure that there will be something you like 🙂



  7. Last year I taught myself to crochet granny squares, this year I took on the challenge of Sophies Universe!!! I am now on my second one and would not have been able to do it without you!!! I still cannot read a pattern, but am already planning more crochet projects!!! Thank you for your inspiration and your clear instructions!!!


  8. Can you please tell me the weight of the yarn that is best to make this. I want to try and pick out my colors and ordering them but not sure what I should get. Any recommendations on yarn choice that is not to expensive? Thank you so much! I can’t wait to start this! It might take me a year to make but I have to try!


  9. I so much like all your videos. I am from India, and regular follower of your videos. Crochet has been my favorite hobby after beaded jewellery making. Youtube has been my inspiration for developing both my skills. But being a Software Engineer, it becomes difficult to manage these hobbies on a weekday, though i try my best to be part of it on weekends. Which project to make, and which one to leave is a big question for me these days. I so much want to make an afghan. My favorite was the Sophie’s Universal CAL. But now I am liking the Mandala Madness too. I shall be trying with the Mandala madness soon.

    Can you make the below project:



    1. Hi Shubha,
      As a working mother I totally understand how hard it is to keep everything running at the same time. Your job, your house, your children, your husband, your friends and family, and lots of other stuff too. I have learned to be realistic about what fits into a 24 hour day and what not. And if it doesn’t fit, then I have learned to let it go.
      I hope you manage to keep the balance in your life.


  10. A big thank ýou I have just finished mandala madness I dont think I would of been able to complete it without your video.would you consider doing a video on sqareing the blanket. Again thank you my next project is sophies universe and ill be following you video.


  11. I love your videos for Sophie’s Universe. I’m on round 36 and am anticipating viewing your directions on how to make the flowers. Could you please tell me what type of yarn you are using in the videos? It looks much better than what I’m using. I sent away to Deramores for the medium pattern’s yarn. They sent me Scheepjes – Softfun and I don’t like it at all. I’ll finish the bedspread with this yarn because I’m making it for myself, but I would like to make others with a different yarn. What do you suggest?
    I love the color scheme you are working on in the videos. Is it possible to get a list of The Colors you are using?


    1. I used Scheepjes Cotton 8 in the videos. This is the same yarn as in the small kit, it is a fingering yarn worked with 3mm hook and 100% cotton. As such Sophie looks great in all yarns, so use a yarn you personally enjoy working with.


  12. Hi Esther,
    I read somewhere that you choose projects based on time, and interest. I looked at my completed projects and note that those I have the most success with have your tutorial support to help me. Yesterday, I tried Tatsiana’s new pattern “Brioche Infinity Pillow.” So far, I have frogged every row, at least twice. Although I think I’m going to get it down eventually, this is a beautiful pattern, with enough new technique, (and not huge) that I was hoping you’d take it on for those of us who need you. I know you’ve done a couple of her patterns, so hopefully, she’ll be amenable, if you have the time. Thanks for all your great work. Julie


  13. Hallo Esther,
    Ik wil je bedanken voor de goede uitleg en video instructies van het haken. Ik heb nu al zoveel van je geleerd wat ik niet had gedacht in korte tijd en wat ik ook niet uit haakboeken zou kunnen leren, deze zijn vaak te onduidelijk en vaak gemaakt voor gevorderde haaksters.

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