Hi, my name is Esther and welcome to my blog! I am Dutch and live in The Netherlands, a little country on the west coast of Europe.

This blog is mainly about crocheting, a real big love of mine. I aim to write on my blog once or twice a week, mostly about crochet related topics.  Every once in a while I will also write about other things that happen in my life such as my volunteer work at my local animal shelter or other random stuff. I hope that I may inspire you and wish you a great reading time!

If you want to contact me, leave a note on my blog or use the form below. Your feedback is most welcome. I aim to respond to all comments on my blog within 48 hours.

If you would like to support me in making crochet instruction videos, you can make me a small donation.


28 thoughts on “About”

  1. I have been watching all your vids on Sofies Universe as i want to make it once I have finished my Corner to corner blanket. You are a great teacher


  2. Thank you Esther for your video tutotials, i can not make the Sophie without your help. I am really greatful.


  3. Hi Esther! I finally made time to actually look at the rest of your site and to see the face of the lovely voice on the “Sophie’s Universe” tutorials! You are a wonderful teacher – thank you so very much for doing these for all of us 🙂

    I just started my Sophie about 2 weeks ago, and am just now on (I think) Round 32 or 33! I am using what yarn I can find to make her, and it is still turning out beautiful! One day I will buy some very special yarn in a multitude of colors to make another one. Now that I see what some of these look like through the end of Part 11, I’ll know better how to actually put my next one together so that the leaves & flowers stand out.

    Thank you again!


  4. Esther, I have only just started Sophie’s Universe. I would like to thank you very much for your wonderful tuition on your videos. I have only managed a little crochet before so i only have very basic knowledge. So far with your help I have completed part one and I have the correct amount of stitches, I am amazed. Thank you again.


  5. Esther,
    Voor mij is het al meer dan 30 jaar geleden dat ik een haakwerkje in mijn handen heb gehad.
    Door jou perfecte uitleg op youtube ben ik in staat om de Sophie’s universe moeiteloos mee te haken.
    Heel erg bedankt hiervoor. 😍

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  6. Hoi Esther!
    Ik ben zoooo blij met je hulp op YouTube. Dankjewel dankjewel! Ik vraag me alleen af (ehhh altijd hihi)…wat is dat geluid toch op de achtergrond? Een soort ventilator of…?


      1. Ik kijk naar je super fantastische handleiding van sophies garden. Ik ben nu bij week 5. Ik hoor op elke video een soort tikkend geluid. Alsof er een ventilator aan staat of eennhsmdter misschien in zo’n draaitolletje?
        Het is vooral nieuwsgierigheid hoor 😉 maar manlief en ik hebben er hele discussies over wat het nu is hahaha.
        Wat lief dat je al zo snel reageert!
        Lieve groet, Nathalie


        1. Ik denk dat het de focus van de camera is. Mijn camera is langzamerhand toe aan vervanging. Als hij continu aan het focussen is hoor je idd de motor een beetje tikken. Dit is het geluid dat je hoort 🙂
          Ik ben blij dat je iets aan de video’s hebt.


  7. Hallo Esther
    hartelijk dank voor je heldere uitleg en prettige manier van lesgeven.
    Ik heb zoveel geleerd en de nieuwe technieken toegepast bij mijn eigen verzinsels, ik ben namelijk gek van poncho’s haken.
    groetjes Astrid

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  8. Hi Esther, forward please excuse my Bad Englisch but i am a german girl and i Dont have talked or written in english for long long years.

    Your Instruktion Videos are fantastic slow and very cleare you are a beautiful teacher so i can followe every Light step by step without Problems. I have started with Your helpful Videos with Sophies univers and in combination with the patterns and for now its very good and if i can this bring to an end i want to make the mandala madness😉 i hope i will take this to a good end.

    Now i have a little short question. Esther is IT possible that i can make the mandalamadness in the end round as a Quadrat i mean as a recangle i hope you understand what i mean sorry but in english to say what i mean is very difficult to me. If you can Tell me howe i can make this i Was very happy thanks to you for now.

    Dear Esther i hope you have many many ideas for more Videos and projects.

    Friendly greetings sends you


      1. Hi Esther, i say many many thanks to you Quick answer and that is exacatly what i have mean about My question and i am so thankfull. Pleas go on with your beautiful Videos and i hope you have many ideas for more fantastic cal Projekts.

        Kind greetings

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  9. Hi Esther i am working in the Moment of the beautiful blanket Sophies univers in combination with Your fantastic Videos and the pattern of course. But i have now another question to you and i hope you can help me again. So my question is if the blanket is all done i mean totally complete can you answer me how big it is and is it possibel that to make the blanket much bigger than after it is finished and can you Tell me how? Do you understand what i mean? I must say sorry again for my horrable english but it is very difficult to me my problem to bring in the right words but i hope dear Esther that you understand and can help me again and Thanks so much for all. Thanks to you for the Moment.

    Greetings lally


      1. Hi Esther thank you for Your Quick answer. But this is Not what i have mean about my question. I have mean if its possible to make the size bigger of Sophies univers without the small squares around after All 18rounds and if i can Do this can you Tell me witch rounds i must crochet that my blanker is bigger in the size when it is complete. I am using for the Sophies univers catania Originals cotton yarn 50g 125m. Mayby that is now helpfully for Your backanswer about my question. I say deep thanks from my hart to you and i hope you can write me back.

        Greetings sends you


        1. Hi Esther, thanks again for Your Quick and so helpful reply. Thats a very very good idea to make my Sophies bigger with the rounds of around the base. Many Many thanks again from my heart for Your kindnes help and god bless you. Until next.

          Kind greeting Lally

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  10. Beste Esther, bij de video van Sophie’s universe gebruik je Cotton 8 van Scheepjes. Ik vind de kleuren samenstelling heel mooi. Ik zou dat willen gebruiken voor de Universe XL.
    Heb geen idee hoeveel ik dan nodig hebt en in welke volgorde. De Cotton 8 op de site is voor de kleinere CAL .
    Kunt u mij verder helpen? Hartelijke groet Rita


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