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Sophie, Jack, Lydia & Betty

The family is getting bigger and bigger. Last week we added Jack and Lydia to our Sophie, this week we are adding Betty's Beautiful Border. This gorgeous border is designed by Betty Byers and its flower design fits the theme of Sophie's Universe perfectly. I have made you a video showing how to make the… Continue reading Sophie, Jack, Lydia & Betty

Crochet, instruction video

Sophie, Jack & Lydia

Last week we completed Sophie's Universe, but luckily the CAL isn't over just yet. This week we have the option to extend Sophie with two additional squares Jack and Lydia. I have made two videos showing how to make these squares. You can find them on the dedicated video page of my blog. You need… Continue reading Sophie, Jack & Lydia

Crochet, instruction video

Sophie’s Universe part 18

Hi everyone, We are almost done with our lovely Sophie! This week the video for part 18. As usual, you can find all the videos on my dedicated video page. This is the last official part of Sophie's Universe. There will be optional extra's over the next three weeks and Dedri and I are… Continue reading Sophie’s Universe part 18