Sophie, Jack, Lydia & Betty

The family is getting bigger and bigger. Last week we added Jack and Lydia to our Sophie, this week we are adding Betty’s Beautiful Border. This gorgeous border is designed by Betty Byers and its flower design fits the theme of Sophie’s Universe perfectly. I have made you a video showing how to make the border. You can also find this video, along with all the other videos making up Sophie’s Universe, on my dedicated video page.

But a warning from my side; do not underestimate the time it is going to take you to make this border. It has 8 rounds and you need an extra base round to get the stitch count correct. That makes for 9 rounds of around a 1000 stitches each!

However, the effort is deferentially worth it. Just look at the results.

sophie's universe part 20 with betty's beautiful border

sophie's universe part 20 with betty's beautiful border

sophie's universe part 20 with betty's beautiful border

sophie's universe part 20 with betty's beautiful border

I have like a zillion more photo’s I could show you, but I’ll leave it at these. Have a great Pentecost.


Sophie, Jack & Lydia

Last week we completed Sophie’s Universe, but luckily the CAL isn’t over just yet. This week we have the option to extend Sophie with two additional squares Jack and Lydia. I have made two videos showing how to make these squares. You can find them on the dedicated video page of my blog.

Jack and Lydia

You need 18 squares in total and then you are ready to attach them to Sophie, 9 on each end. I used the zipper join to connect them because I want to match the end created with the back-post stitches on the last round. If you don’t like this join, simply use another one. Dedri has given a few options on her blog. Of course I have also made a video showing how to connect these squares to Sophie. 🙂 Also this video you can find on the dedicated video page of my blog.

zipper join on sophie's universe connecting granny squares jack and lydia

So after all that work, what does Sophie look like? Here some pics to give you an idea. I have given my Sophie’s Universe the name ‘A beautiful mess’ because that just about describes my color planning. There was no color planning 😀 I literally took it one round at a time looking at which yarn I had available. My main goal was to finish off all those leftover yarn that I have from previous projects. I definitively succeeded on that part. Almost no leftovers anymore which gives me a good excuse to buy new yarn!

If you would like to buy yarn packs for making these lovely squares, Deramores now has color packs available for Lydia in Cotton 8, Softfun and Stonewashed XL (expected soon), and Jack in Cotton 8, Softfun, and Stonewashed XL (coming soon). These yarn packs match the original packs for Sophie’s Universe.

sophie's universe part 19

sophie's universe part 19

sophie's universe part 19

Have a wonderful week making all these squares. See you next time!

it's all in a nutshell


Sophie’s Universe part 18

Hi everyone,

We are almost done with our lovely Sophie! This week the video for part 18. As usual, you can find all the videos on my dedicated video page.

This is the last official part of Sophie’s Universe. There will be optional extra’s over the next three weeks and Dedri and I are contemplating what to make videos for. Will keep you posted 😀

Sophie's Universe part 18

I have been taking time to block my Sophie as I have not done so since part 6, and it showed. She was wobbling all over the place and had a big bobble in the middle. As luck would have it my boys were out for a sleepover at grandma and grandpa this week which means I could use their beds to block my Sophie. Now isn’t that just great! 😀 I know, I am a terrible mother, my boys are away and I immediately confiscate their beds 😉

Sophie's Universe part 18 being blocked on a bed

As you can see, she is much more straight now than last week! And the bobble is gone now, which is great. I’m not completely done blocking her yet but I have made significant improvement. When I am done I will post a series of photographs for you.

Have a wonderful mother’s day.