Hygge Video Tutorials – week 2

How did it go last week with the first part of Scheepjes Hygge CAL designed by the Kirsten from Haak Maar Raak? I hope everything went well with you bobbles and color changes. This week is week 2 of Hygge and we are going to start the embroidery which makes this CAL so unique.

hygge cal part 2


Video resources

Video tutorials

I have divided the videos for week 2 into three parts; the crochet background, the diamond separator and the cross stitch embroidery. In the description of the videos you can find the time stamps to each part so that you can jump ahead if you want to. The videos are available in English and Dutch, with left and right handed versions in both languages. Please note that in the English video I use UK crochet terms.


embroidery on crochet

Cross stitch embroidery

I have been doing embroidery since I was about 8 years old. It is something that I have always loved to do because of the delicate details you can create with it. In the videos I give you many tips along the way to make your embroidery as beautiful as possible.

My most important tips:

  • Always have the cross made the same way. The cross stitch has two diagonal “legs”. Make sure that you always have the same diagonal on top. It doesn’t matter which one it is, as long as you are consistent.
  • Keep your stitches on top of the fabric, so don’t pull too hard on your yarn so that your cross stitches fall into your fabric. This will make your fabric uneven and your stitches hard to see.
  • I prefer to complete one stitch before continuing onto the next because this helps to keep your tension steady.
  • Start on one side of the pattern and work all colors collectively to the other side. If you work first all stitches of color A, then color B, etc you will most likely make counting mistakes somewhere along the line and your stitches will be offset by one or two positions. To prevent this complete the pattern in one area before continuing to the next.
  • Keep your yarn short and pay attention to working in your yarn tails properly.
  • When you work neatly you will be able to recognize the pattern you are working on the back of your work.

Maybe the most important thing, take your time with the embroidery to get your stitches perfect.

Yarn and kits for Hygge CAL

If you are only just joining in, there are 4 colorway kits to choose from. You can choose between the Rainbow, Jewel, Pastel and Danish Mermaid colorways. The kits contain 10 balls of Stone Washed yarn, 11 balls of Catona yarn and extra goodies to get you in the Hygge mindset. Goodies include a button, a charm, a stitch marker, a yarn needle and 2 wooden ice crystals. The kits are available from Wool Warehouse, Deramores, or your Scheepjes stockist.

I hope you enjoy this new challenge combining crochet and embroidery. Am really looking forward to seeing your work in the Facebook groups.

With love,


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Announcement: Hygge Scheepjes CAL 2017


It is time to announce the first big project of the year, the all new Scheepjes CAL 2017 designed by the fabulous Kirsten from Haak Maar Raak. Hygge is the name of this CAL, and I have been practicing how to pronounce it, so I hope it is at least a little correct on the video tutorials. Yes, the words many of you have been wanting to hear are out; I will be making video tutorials for the Hygge CAL.

Hygge CAL Teaser

What are we making?

We are making a long, rectangular wrap combining crochet and embroidery techniques to make a warm and cozy companion for many winter nights. The final wrap will measure approximately 190cm x 35cm. The design is new and interesting and I think an absolute winner; I have not seen a CAL quite like this before.

Don’t feel stressed about the embroidery; it consists of cross stitches only and I will show you in a video how to make them. I will give you lots of tips along the way to make your work as neat and perfect as possible.

Kits & Colorways

There are three colorways available as a kit, the Rainbow colorway, Jewel colorway and Pastel colorway. I have the Rainbow colorway that I will be using for the video tutorials, but the Pastel is also fabulous, and I really LOVE the Jewel colors. Choosing can be such a problem sometimes…..


The kits contain all the yarn you need to make the shawl, that is 10 balls of Stone Washed and 11 balls of Catona 25g. But this CAL would not be a Scheepjes CAL without all the attention to detail and the lovely extra’s. In addition to the yarn, the kits also contain a button, a charm, a stitch marker, a yarn needle and 2 wooden ice crystals.

Hygge CAL kits

The kits are available for pre-order through Wool Warehouse and Caro’s Atelier (NL). Through the links you can make your preference known so that when the kits go on sale February 1st, you will have a higher change of getting the kit you want.

We will be making the wrap using a 4.5mm (US size 7) crochet hook. If you don’t have this one in your collection, you still have time to buy one. Clover Amour hooks are my favorite hooks.

Some logistics

Hygge CAL starts on 15 February 2017 and runs for 13 weeks. Each week a part of the pattern will be released in the International and Dutch Facebook groups as well as on the Scheepjes website. The written patterns will be available in English (US & UK Terms), Dutch and Swedish. I will have videos available in English (UK Terms) and Dutch, as well as right and left handed versions. The videos will be available through my blog, the two Facebook groups, the Scheepjes website and my YouTube channel.

Join the Dutch or International Facebook groups to share your work, ask questions and be part of a lovely new project.

Hygge CAL

I hope to see many of you on this new adventure.

With love,


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This post contains affiliate links. Please read my disclosure and copyright policy. All opinions are my own and I only link to products I use or would use. Thank you for using the links on my blog and supporting my work.


Little Box of Crochet July 2016 – Peacock Feathers

The July 2016 box of Little Box of Crochet is already my third box and still I enjoy the anticipation of what will be in the box. This time I knew that the designer is Christa Veenstra, and knowing her I had a suspicion what yarn would be in the box and I was right.

little box of crochet

The box was jam packed with Scheepjes yarn and one of my favorite yarns to boot. I love cotton yarn because of the awesome stitch definition, it’s durability and in the case of Scheepjes Catona, it’s sheen. Catona comes in cute little 25g balls (like the 5 balls included in the box) and larger 50g balls. The small balls are just perfect for smaller projects where you just need a bit of yarn of a particular color; projects like amigurumi animals and peacock feathers.

little box of crochet july 2016

The box this month was so full that there wasn’t even room for tissue paper! The box contains no less than 5 balls of yarn (those cute little 25g balls of Catona), a booklet containing the pattern by Christa Veenstra from The Curio Craftsroom and fellow Scheepjes Blogger, a needle, a 2.5mm crochet hook, colorful pins, a Korutumi stitch marker and 5 labels for marking your empty LBC-boxes so that you know what is inside them. Very thoughtful of Amanda to send us these labels, I have already attached them to my boxes.

Gremlins in the pattern….

I was working on the pattern and noticed that there are a few gremlins in there. Just to help you out, here a few small tips and errata’s.

There are 5 balls of 25g Scheepjes Catona yarn in the box. According to the pattern one of the balls should be 400 Petrol Blue. I suspect that that color was all out, because I had 261 Capri Blue in my box. So my Color C is a different color to the pattern. But that’s ok, because the two shades are very close together.

We first make 5 small peacock feathers. These are just too cute for words, but the words got a little mixed up. If everything went right you got an email from Amanda about that.

The pattern didn’t say which color to use for the long stitches in round 5, I used color B and then everything works out wonderfully and you have 5 lovely feathers. The feather fob also had no color listed, so I used Color A for that.

little box of crochet peacock feathers

Peacock Pincushion

The pincushion is worked by closing each round with a slip stitch. I am too lazy for that so I worked my pincushion and fob amigurumi-style; so in a spiral. I closed the end with a very tight invisible join and then you really can’t tell that I cheated. Stuff both the pincushion and the fob like crazy for best results.


For the fob I changed the color for the join to Color E and the cord I changed to Color D because I thought that gave more definition.

No more looking for keys!

I am ALWAYS looking for my keys, at least once a day. I never seem to leave them in the same place twice. To make life a little easier for me and also more beautiful at the same time, I have decided to connect the fob to my keys. This way, at least in theory, I can find them more easily.

little box of crochet feather fob

There is a lot of yarn in this month’s box. If you want to you could make more than one pincushion or fob.

little box of crochet peacock pincushion

I am getting used to this little surprise every month. I am already looking forward to the August box, but I know that I will not be home when the mail man comes to bring it. I’m sure my neighbor will have it waiting for me when I return.

With love,


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Mandala Jar Topper – Free Pattern

It’s Christmas time and we are blog hopping! Yesterday Atty*s had an angelic design for making the cutest little angels to get you all in the Christmas spirit. And it’s working, I’ve had a silly song in my head all week! “It’s the most wonderful time of the year, ding-dong, ding-dong….” I HAVE to get this song out of my head! It doesn’t help either that the radio station I always listen to is playing Christmas songs all day.

scheepjes blog hop 2015

It’s Christmas time and that means us crochet nuts can have the time of our lives making gifts for the people we love. If you want to give something big like an afgan, I think you are a bit late at this point, you should have started sooner. That, or work like crazy from now till Christmas! I suggest you try to keep your sanity intact as much as possible. If you are looking for a quick-to-make and personal gift I have just the thing for you. A Mandala Crochet Jar Topper!

I make my own jam every year from the strawberries growing in MyVegi garden. This home-made jam is a perfect gift, but just giving someone a pot of jam is not real festive or special. So enter my very first and very own design!


I have been thinking about my own designs for some time now and the Scheepjes Blog Hop was the perfect motivation to finally take the plunge in the deep and make my own design. I hope you like it 🙂

My design is number 9 in an impressive list of designs for the Scheepjes Christmas Blog Hop. The Blog Hop started on the first of december, we hopped from Annelies, Sarah, Nerissa, Tammy, Tatiana, Carmen, Jellina to Atty yesterday with those cute angels to me today and still to come are Kirsten, Bernadette and finally Maria to bring 12 days of Christmas to a close. But first, the design for today, my Mandala Jar Topper.

What materials do you need?

I used Scheepjes Catona yarn for my Mandala Jar Topper. This is slightly merciated, fingering/sock weight yarn and comes in 25g and 50g balls. I used the oh so cute 25g balls for this project because these small balls are just perfect for small projects.

Scheepjes Catona

I made this design in three color ways using the following Scheepjes Catona colors:

  • Colorway A – 5 colors – 179, 385, 399, 247, 113
  • Colorway C – 4 colors – 130, 263, 189, 115
  • Colorway B – 3 colors – 241, 208, 192

I also used a 3mm (US D/3, UK 10) hook and a lovely ribbon with the text ‘hand made with love’. I think that catches this gift wonderfully.

hand made with love ribbon

You also need a pot of jam of course. I have my own home-made jam, but if you don’t you could buy a high quality jam from a specialist store. The jar lid has a diameter of 7cm (2.5inch), but if yours is slightly bigger or smaller that should not be a problem.

Video tutorial

I have the pattern written out for you, but if you are a visual person you might prefer following it by video. I have a video tutorial available in English and Dutch for my Mandala Crochet Jar Topper.

Tutorial in English

Tutorial in Dutch (video in het Nederlands)


Pattern in English (US terminology) and Dutch (Nederlands)

General information

This pattern uses US crochet terms and is made using Scheepjes Catona yarn and a 3mm (US D/3, UK 10) crochet hook. You can start each round with either a standing stitch or an equivalent number of chain stitches. You can close each round with a slip stitch or an invisible join. I do not specify which you should use, it’s up to you.

Stitch abreviations:

  • sl.st – slip stitch
  • ch – chain stitch
  • sc – single crochet
  • dc – double crochet

Algemene informatie

Dit patroon wordt gemaakt met Scheepjes Catona garen en een 3mm haaknaald. Je kunt iedere toer met een staande steek of de juiste hoeveelheid lossen beginnen. Je kunt iedere toer sluiten met een halve vaste of een onzichtbare sluiting. Ik geef niet aan welke optie je moet nemen, de keus is aan jou.

Steek afkortingen:

  • hv – halve vaste
  • l – losse
  • v – vaste
  • st – stokje

Round 1

In a magic ring, make 12dc [12 dc]

Toer 1

In een magische lus haak 12st. [12 st]

Round 2

Start in any position and make 2dc in every stitch [24 dc]

Toer 2

Begin in enige positie en haak 2st in iedere steek [24 st]

Round 3

Start in the first dc of any 2dc worked in one stitch. Repeat( 1dc in first dc, 2dc in second dc) 12 times. [36 dc]

Toer 3

Begin in de eerste st van enige 2st gehaakt in 1 steek. Herhaal (1st in het eerste st, 2st in het tweede st) 12 keer [36 st]

Round 4

Start in the first dc of any 2dc working in one stitch. Repeat (2dc in first dc, 1dc in the next 2 stitches) 12 times [48 dc]

Toer 4

Begin in de eerste st van enige 2st gehaakt in 1 steek. Herhaal (2st in het eerst st, 1st in de volgende 2 steken) 12 keer [48 st]

Round 5

Start in the first dc of any 2dc worked in one stithc. Repeat (2dc in first dc, 1dc in the next 3 stitches) 12 times [60 dc]

Toer 5

Begin in de eerste st van enige 2st gehaakt in 1 steek. Herhaal (2st in het eerst st, 1st in de volgende 3 steken) 12 keer [60 st]

Round 6

Start in any position. Repeat (1dc next stitch, ch1, 1dc in next stitch) 30 times [60 dc and 30 ch1-spaces]

Toer 6

Begin in enige positie. Herhaal (1st in de volgende steek, 1l, 1st in de volgende steek) 30 keer [60 st en 30 1l-ruimtes]

Round 7

Start in any dc stitch that comes before a ch1-space. Repeat (1dc on dc, ch2, skip ch1 space, 1dc on dc)  30 times [60dc and 30 ch2-spaces]

Toer 7

Begin in enige st voor een 1l-ruimte. Herhaal (1st op st, 2l, sla 1l-ruimte over, 1st op st) 30 keer [60 st en 30 2l-ruimtes]

Round 8

Start in any dc stitch that comes before a ch2-space. Repeat (1dc on dc, ch3, skip ch2 space, 1dc on dc)  30 times [60dc and 30 ch3-spaces]

Toer 8

Begin in enige st voor een 2l-ruimte. Herhaal (1st op st, 3l, sla 2l-ruimte over, 1st op st) 30 keer [60 st en 30 3l-ruimtes]

Round 9

Start in any ch3-space. Repeat (5sc in ch3-space, 1sc between the next 2 dc from round 8) 30 times Do not cast off.[180 sc]

Toer 9

Begin in enige 3l-ruimte. Herhaal (5v in 3l-ruimte, 1v tussen 2 st van toer 8) 30 keer. Hecht niet af. [180 v]

Round 10

In the same color as round 9 make a ch1. Repeat (1sc on first sc in the ch3-space, 2hdc on next sc, 2dc  on next sc, 2hdc on next sc, 1sc on next sc, 1sl.st on the sc worked between the two dc from round 8) 30 times to make 30 petals.

Toer 10

In dezelfde kleur als toer 9 haak 1l. Herhaal (1v op de eerste v in de 3l-ruimte, 2hst in de volgende v, 2st in de volgende v, 2hst in de volgende v, 1v in de volgende v, 1hv in de v tussen de 2 st van toer 8) 30 keer om 30 blaadjes te maken.

Round 11

Make a round of surface crochet stitches on round 3 and/or 4.

Toer 11

Maak een toer opervlakte steken op de steken van toer 3 en/of 4.

Finishing off

Weave a ribbon through the spaces of round 7. Tie the topper to your yar with a pretty bow.


Vlecht een lint door de ruimtes van toer 7. Bind je topper over de deksel met een mooie strik.


mandala crochet jar topper

Color combinations

I have made this design in three color ways using 5, 4 or 3 colors. Which is your favorite?

 5 color way  4 color way  3 color way
 Round 1  179 130 208
 Round 2  385  130 208
 Round 3  385  263 192
 Round 4  399  263 192
 Round 5  247  189 192
 Round 6  113  115 241
 Round 7  113  115 241
 Round 8  113  115 241
 Round 9  113  115 241
 Round 10  113  115 241
 Round 11  179  189 208


mandala crochet jar topper

My favorite is the ‘Christmas colored’ topper in red, green and gold. With this small design I give the blog hop over to Kirsten from Haak maar raak! for a cute Christmas Sross Stitch Mug Cozy.

I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas time and a happy new year. I hope to see you all next year with more nutty crochet projects.

With love,


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