Dutch CAL 2015 completed

I have completed this blanket more than a year ago, but I somehow never got round to sharing it with you. I am happy to show you my Dutch CAL 2015, a large single granny square blanket. I photographed this blanket when it was still summer, just shows how long she has been waiting for her final showing.


For the Dutch CAL 2015 there were two center granny’s to choose from and from there it was adding many borders to make the granny grow to a double bed size blanket. My blanket is about 170cm square.

Resources for Dutch CAL 2015

Yarn & colorway

I used Stylecraft Special DK in 6 colors and Schachenmayr Miracle in 3 colors with a 4mm hook to make my blanket. To my knowledge Schachenmayr Miracle is no longer available, but a good alternatives is Scheepjes Lizzy used double stranded to match the double knit weight of the Stylecraft Special. Stylecraft Special DK and Scheepjes Lizzy are available from Wool Warehouse, Deramores or your local yarn shop.

From the Stylecraft Special DK I used 4 x Clematis, 3 x Parchment, 3 x Plum, 3 x Raspberry, 2 x Mocca, 2 x Pale Rose, 2 x Grape. From the Schachenmayr Miracle I used 1 x Gold, 1 x Pink, 1 x Lila.

I kept track of which yarn and color I used when, you can find all the info in my Color Chart Dutch CAL 2015. The pink and purple shades work well together and it turned out lovely.

Dutch CAL 2015

For sale SOLD!

It is a lovely blanket, but I must confess; I have too many blankets and I need to make room in my house. For this reason my Dutch CAL 2015 blanket is now for sale in my Etsy shop (SOLD).

Dutch CAL 2015

My journey

I didn’t post very regularly about this project, only two posts actually. I posted when I was at 14 weeks and at 21 weeks. All the steps in between I did behind the scenes.

Dutch CAL 2015

Dutch CAL 2015

Do you also have finished projects that you somehow forgot or didn’t get round to to sharing with the world? If you want to you can share them with me on my Facebook page or tag me in one of your post on Instagram. You can also use #itsallinanutshell to help me find it.

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T&J Dutch CAL 2015 week 21

Hey everyone,

Just thought I’d show you my blanket from the Dutch CAL 2015 designed by Tertia and Jolanda. The design can be found for free on their Facebook group were we are already on to week 21 of our VERY BIG granny square. My blanket now has a size of 90cm square and we are only half way. I am making this blanket using Stylecraft Special DK and a 4mm hook using lovely purple and pink yarn.

At this moment it is only available in Dutch, but most of the weekly designs come with charts and to make matters even better the ladies announced that they are working on an English translation. So fear not all you lovely people, you will also be able to make this wonderful project soon. Here some pictures for your enjoyment.

Dutch CAL 2015 Tertia Jolanda

Dutch CAL 2015 Tertia Jolanda

Dutch CAL 2015 Tertia Jolanda

Dutch CAL 2015 Tertia Jolanda

Have a wonderful week!


T&J CAL week 14

Hey everyone,

Just thought I’d drop you a quick line and show you a project I’m working on on the side. This is a CAL by two lovely Dutch Ladies, Tertia and Jolanda. They have made their very own CAL and almost everyone in The Netherlands that loves to crochet is participating. Their Facebook group has over 31.000 members!

We are on week 14 at the moment and we are making a VERY BIG granny square blanket. Mine is already more than a meter square. I should block it soon as it is starting to curl and wobble all over the place.

I’m using Stylecraft DK in lovely purple and pink colors. Remember the lovely yarn I wrote about some time ago? Well just look what it is becoming! 😀

Have a beautifully nutty week!

T&J CAL 2015

This is of absolute no use to you at all if you don’t speak Dutch, but I still want to share one of my projects with you. 🙂 I am participating in a CAL made by two Dutch ladies named Tertia and Jolanda. Honestly, I think half of The Netherlands is crocheting with these ladies, their Facebook group has more than 27.000 members!

I bought a lovely color combination of Stylecraft Special DK as well as SMC Miracle which gives this project a great sparkle.

The CAL consists of making one VERY BIG granny square. Slowly but surely the granny grows each week and at the end of the CAL, which will last about 40 weeks, I will have a queen size blanket.

The fist two weeks of the CAL are completed and look at how nice it has come out 😀