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Introducing new chickens to the coop

I have two new chickens. I am SO happy, but my two older hens are less happy. You see, introducing new chickens to an existing coop is definitely not trivial. The first time I had chickens was when I was a little girl, so having chickens for me has a great sense of nostalgia. It… Continue reading Introducing new chickens to the coop

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Sophie’s Universe part 17

Hey everyone! And here it is, the video for part 17, specially for you! 😀 All the other videos making up Sophie's Universe you can find on the dedicated video page on my blog. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EH1qRrCZlUg I am making these last rounds on a yellow background, pure accidentally because I still have quite some yellow yarn… Continue reading Sophie’s Universe part 17