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Hand made wooden crochet hooks

Remember a few weeks ago I showed you my new crochet stationery? Today I would like to show you my new hand-made-to-my-specifications crochet hooks. These hooks are made by Henk from Houten Haaknaalden, a Dutch gentleman who runs a small business making wooden crochet hooks, and like I said before, when you support a small… Continue reading Hand made wooden crochet hooks

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Crochet Christmas Gift Guide

Do you sometimes wonder what you should give your crochet friend who seems to have everything already? With my crochet gift guide I hope to help you choose the perfect gift. Luxury Yarn High quality, luxury yarns is a gift that keeps on giving. It's the moment you give the yarn, the time someone spends… Continue reading Crochet Christmas Gift Guide

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Ammonite Hook Roll Video Tutorial

It's almost holiday time and I have the perfect project for you. Make your own crochet hook roll, either for yourself or to give as a gift. The Ammonite Crochet Hook Roll is a pattern by my good friend Dedri Uys from Look at what I made. She asked me to do a video tutorial… Continue reading Ammonite Hook Roll Video Tutorial

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Yarn surprise

I have gone down the rabbit hole..... I know I shouldn't but here I am. I have subscribed to a Devon Sun Yarns monthly yarn box. The rabbit hole is a beautiful place...... The past year or so I have been looking for a yarn box and although there are many out there they just… Continue reading Yarn surprise

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Sophie’s Universe: THE BOOK!

When I heard that Dedri was publishing her fabulous Sophie's Universe as a book, my mind went to The Lord of the Rings were one purpose brought Elves, Dwarfs, Men and Hobbits together and united them despite their differences. Somehow Sophie's Universe has done the same. I wouldn't be surprised if more than a million… Continue reading Sophie’s Universe: THE BOOK!

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Christmas Gifts for a Crochet-aholic

It's Christmas time and many people use this time to give gifts to one another. I would like to share my list of perfect gifts for a crochet-aholic like myself. What would a crochet nut such as myself like to receive? Crochet stuff I am all about being practical, therefore things that I can use… Continue reading Christmas Gifts for a Crochet-aholic

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Happy Birthday to me and my blog

Another year has come and gone; I am a year older and so is my blog. My blog is turning 2 today, I on the other hand am turning 38. And no, I am not worried that I am closer to 40 than to 30. Becoming older is part of becoming wiser and learning new… Continue reading Happy Birthday to me and my blog

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Little gems in the mail

Sometimes little gems just drop in your lap, right when you don't expect it. This has happened to me a few times now and I'd love to share some of these little gems with you. a photo card A while ago I had a really bad day. Someone was totally upset with what I had… Continue reading Little gems in the mail

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Mandala Jar Topper – Free Pattern

It's Christmas time and we are blog hopping! Yesterday Atty*s had an angelic design for making the cutest little angels to get you all in the Christmas spirit. And it's working, I've had a silly song in my head all week! "It's the most wonderful time of the year, ding-dong, ding-dong...." I HAVE to get this song out… Continue reading Mandala Jar Topper – Free Pattern

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When in Riga, do like the Latvians

During my sabbatical I visited Riga in Latvia. This is a really fabulous city to visit! A real gem on the eastern side of Europe. Latvia has a rich history resulting in a complicated political and social balance which you see in the city’s buildings and people. We took a flight to Riga, a short… Continue reading When in Riga, do like the Latvians