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A visit to Scheepjes HQ

Last week I got the fabulous experience of visiting Scheepjes HQ in the north of The Netherlands. For me a return trip of almost 500km, but well worth the effort. It was a wonderful day and I would love to share this fabulous place with you. The first thing you see when walking up to the… Continue reading A visit to Scheepjes HQ

Crochet, Other nutty stuff

Great gifts from great friends

Sometimes I feel so blessed by all the great friends and family I have! I felt that it was time to count just a few of the many blessings that I have received these last few months. A nutty yarn-squirrel... I have a friend, her name will remain unsaid but if you know her you… Continue reading Great gifts from great friends

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Introducing new chickens to the coop

I have two new chickens. I am SO happy, but my two older hens are less happy. You see, introducing new chickens to an existing coop is definitely not trivial. The first time I had chickens was when I was a little girl, so having chickens for me has a great sense of nostalgia. It… Continue reading Introducing new chickens to the coop

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Etsy store now open!

Hey everyone, I have come to the conclusion that I have too much stuff! I have opened a store on Etsy. So if you would like to buy some of the things that I have on my blog, now is your opportunity. I am still filling my 'store', but here a small preview of what's… Continue reading Etsy store now open!