Nederlandse vertaling “I want that bag!” CAL week 2

Het is week 2 van de ‘I want that bag!’ CAL ontworpen door Kimberly Slifer van Just a Girl and a Hook. Deze week begint het echte leuke stuk, we gaan nu aan de zijkanten beginnen.

This is the Dutch translation of week 2 of the “I want that bag!” CAL. If you don’t speak Dutch you can find the original English version on Just a Girl and a Hook. I also have a video tutorial for week 2.

Extra hulp

Er is extra hulp beschikbaar, mocht je het nodig hebben.


Ik gebruik een 5mm haaknaald met Scheepjes Bloom in de volgende kleuren: 426, 402, 403, 406, 408 en 411. In de foto-instructies hieronder worden deze kleuren gebruikt: 403, 404, 409, 411, 422 en 423. In de voorbeeldtas van Kimberly deze kleuren: 402, 407, 408, 414, 416 en 419. Je kunt mijn kleurkeuzes voor week 2 hier vinden en die van Kimberly hier.

Steken en afkortingen

  • l – losse
  • hv – halve vaste
  • v – vaste
  • Rva – Relief vaste achter
  • hst – halfstokje
  • st – stokje

Tenzij anders aangegeven tellen lossen niet mee als een steek en zijn dan ook niet meegenomen in de steekaantallen aangegeven in rechte haken aan het eind van iedere toer..

Toer 2

Als je dezelfde kleur gebruikt haak 1l (foto 1) en 1Rva in dezelfde steek als de sluiting (foto 2). Als je met een nieuwe kleur begint haak 1 staande Rva. Haak nu 1Rva in iedere steek tot je weer bij het begin bent (foto 3). Sluit met een hv in de eerste steek of een onzichtbare sluiting. [144 Rva]

Toer 3 

Hecht een nieuwe kleur aan met 1l in dezelfde steek als de sluiting (foto 1). Haak 1l (telt niet als een eerste steek) en 1hst in dezelfde steek als de sluiting (foto 2) en vervolgens in iedere steek. Sluit met een hv of een onzichtbare sluiting [144 hst]

Toer 4

Hecht een nieuwe kleur aan met 1 staande v in dezelfde steek als de sluiting (foto 1). Haak 10l (foto 2) en {1v in de volgende 4 steken (foto 3), 10l} 35 keer. 1v in ieder van de laatste 3 steken en sluit met een hv in de eerste steek (foto 4). [144 v en 36 10l-lussen]

Je tas ziet er nu zo uit:

Toer 5

Haak 1l en 1v in dezelfde steek als de sluiting (foto 1). Hou de lussen voor je werk (foto 2) en haak 1v in de volgende v (foto 3) alsook in iedere volgende steek. Sluit met 1hv in de eerste steek. [144 v]

Toer 6

Foto 1 laat de hv in de eerste v van toer 5 zien. Haak 1l (foto 2) en 1v in dezelfde steek als de sluiting. Haak 1v in iedere steek .[144 v]

Toer 7

Verwissel van kleur en herhaal toer 4. [144 v en 36 10l-lussen]

Toer 8

Herhaal toer 5. [144 v]

Toer 9

Herhaal toer 6. [144 v]

Je werk ziet er nu zo uit:

Toer 10

Verwissel van kleur en herhaal toer 4. [144 v en 36 10l-lussen]

Toer 11

Herhaal toer 5. [144 v]

Toer 12

Herhaal toer 6. [144 v]

Toer 13

Wissel van kleur. Haak 1 staande v in dezelfde steek als de sluiting en haak 1v in iedere steek. [144 v]

Toer 14

Sluit met 1hv in de eerste steek (foto 1). Voordat we toer 14 haken is gaan we eerst wat voorbereidend werk doen om te zorgen dat we geen fouten maken. Neem de lus van toer 4 dat recht van je beginsteek is en vlecht deze van achter naar voren door de lus van toer 7 dat aan de linkerkant van je beginsteek is (foto 2). Neem de lus van toer 10 dat rechts van je beginsteek is (foto 3) en vlecht deze door de lus van toer 7 van achter naar vore (foto 4). Zet de lus van toer 10 vast met een steekmarkeerder in de tweede steek vanaf het begin (foto 5). Vlecht nu de volgende stel lussen, sla 3 steken over en bevestig met een steekmarkeerder. Herhaal tot alle lussen vast zijn gemaakt (foto 6). Nu alle lussen vastzitten kunnen we verder.

Haak 1l (foto 7), 1v in dezelfde steek als de sluiting (foto 8) en in de volgende v (foto 9). Haal de steekmarkeerder weg en haak 1v in de volgende steek waarbij je de lus aan je werk bevestigd. Haak zo helemaal rond. [144 v]

Je werk ziet er nu zo uit:

Ziezo! Je bent alweer klaar met week 2. Volgende week gaan we weer verder.

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Announcement: I Want That Bag CAL

Have you ever wanted to make a fabulous crochet bag? Then this is your opportunity! Kimberly Slifer from Just a girl and a hook has designed a bag and we are going to be making it as part of a crochet along starting October 1, 2015. The CAL is called ‘I Want That Bag‘ and yes, I will be making video tutorials for it. This way everyone, experience or less experienced, will be able to make it. All the videos will be available right here on my blog and my ‘I want that bag’ video page.

What does the bag look like?

I am still working on the videos so I have not completed my bag yet, but here is Kimberley’s bag. Looks nice, doesn’t it!

I want that bag CAL

What yarn do I need and how much?

You will need about 400 grams of worsted weight yarn. I am using Scheepjes Bloom but any worsted weight yarn will do. Be sure to choose a good quality yarn because your bag is going to be used and you want a yarn that can withstand intensive usage. Also check that your yarn is suitable for a 5mm crochet hook to be sure that your cover fits your jute bag..

I use 5 colors of Scheepjes Bloom and a Clover Amour 5mm (US H) crochet hook, my favorite hook. For my yarn I have 2 skeins each in the colors Azalea (426), Lavender (402), Violet (403), Tulip (406), Geranium (408) and Dark Fern (411), but I will not be using all 12 skeins. At the end I will most likely only need 7 or 8, but because I have not completed my bag yet I have no idea on yarn usage for the color distribution I have in mind.

yarn i want that bag cal

yarn i want that bag cal

And what about the bag?

You will need a 30cm x 30cm (12′ x 12′) jute bag to form the base of your bag. We are going to crochet a cover for it and then you glue the entire thing together after lining our bag with a fabric you love.

jute bag i want that bag cal

When do we start?

We start on October 1, 2015 and the CAL will last for 6 weeks.

Need any help?

If you get stuck somewhere, help is at hand. This CAL is hosted by Carolyn Robinson on the CCC Facebook Group and there are thousands of lovely people in the group who are standing by to help. Join the group if you are not a member, it is a great place to share ideas and get feedback. Be sure to share your WIP with the CCC Group because we would all love to see.

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Peek-a-Boo Button Wrap: WIP, Tips & Video

A while ago I told you that I was working on my Peek-a-Boo Button Wrap designed by Miss Neriss. I have been making steady progress on my wrap over the past weeks. I don’t work on it that often because of so many other WIPs, but when I do it works up fast.

This wrap consists completely of half double crochets, but by working them alternately in back and front loops an intricate pattern emerges. It’s simple and elegant at the same time. If you have not noticed yet, I am an absolute fan of this design. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.

My yarn

I am using Scheepjes Bloom Chocolate (401) to make my wrap. Bloom is a light weight, 100% cotton yarn worked with a 5mm hook.

scheepjes bloom chocolate

Instruction video

I have asked the designer if I could make an instruction video for her design, and she said yes. In this video I show you all the elements that are involved in making the wrap; so how to make the stitch, how to prevent making mistakes by using a chart I designed, and how to work a sleeve or button hole. You still need her design for measurements, where to make the sleeve and button holes as well as stitch counts. This video is an addition to the written pattern, not a replacement.

Make a test piece!

If you are anything like me, you just want to dive in and start working on your new project. You have bought all that wonderful yarn and you want to start using it like right away. But please, please, please, try to withstand the urge and make a small test piece first to check your stitch size. I did a small piece using about 19 stitches with first a 5.0mm and then a 4.5mm hook. I was unsure which would give the correct size. I first though I would use a 4.5mm, but after the test piece I decided that the 5.0mm was better. Imagine if I had used the 4.5mm and at the end of the day my wrap did not fit! That would have been such a waste of time and effort.

test gauge first!

My “no-more-mistakes” chart

I have been making my wrap with the aid of a small chart that I made right at the start of my project. In the video I also explain how I use it. It is an aid to help you to keep you from making any mistakes and in the event that you do make a mistake, help you to catch it early.

In the chart here the “V” is a stitch marker, “FL” stands for front loop hdc, “BL” stands for back loop hdc, “st.” stands for stitches and “1st” stand for first stitch worked. The arrow indicated the working direction, so this is always from right to left  because I am right handed.

Chart for peek-a-boo button wrap

I place the stitch markers after working the first row of back&front loop hdc. I connect 3 stitch markers around the ch2 used to turn on the left hand side of my work and starting from the right hand side I position a stitch marker every 10 stitches. There should be 7 stitches left if you are making size ‘medium’ like I am. The arrow indicates the working direction where one time my 3 stitch markers are on the right and when working the other way my 3 stitch markers are on the left of my work. So when working the pattern these 3 stitch markers help me to identify if the stitches at the marked positions should be front or back loop hdc. This may all sound a bit confusing, I realize this. Best to just watch the video, I am sure it will make sense to you then.

The Button…..

So about the button….. This is not as easy as you would think. I need a BIG button; not a large one, but a huge one …. and that proved to be a problem. I am not lying, I have been online looking for a 70mm or larger button for hours. I did find some on Amazon that came close, but they were not to my liking. At a certain point I just gave up and asked my husband to make me one. I should have started with that; much easier 😀 So my hubby took an old wooden pole he had in the garage and cut me a slice. He is going to sand it down, make a few holes in it and then varnish it. One perfect, custom made and not to mention free button all done! But as you can see the button is a WIP too….

making a button

WIP status

So, after all that chatter I am sure you really want to know what my wrap looks like! I am about halfway now and it is really a great design because of its sheer simplicity. It is a single piece of fabric with a few holes in it worked using at first glance a very simple stitch that gives a surprisingly beautiful look and feel.

peek-a-boo button wrap WIP

peek-a-boo button wrap WIPWhen my wrap is finished I will be sure to share it with you.

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