Ready for the new season!

Hey everyone,

Just look at what arrived last week! My seed order for this season. SO happy!! Can’t wait to get started. Unpacked it immediately. Of course I know what’s inside (at least I think I still know what I ordered a few months ago, but still it’s always so exciting)

Especially the potatoes and rhubarb have to be out of the box like ASAP. The potatoes get a nice sunny spot next to the kitchen door to sprout. The rhubarb I planted in a temporary pot because it’s a living plant and will die if it has to wait till I plant it in my vegi garden in a few weeks time.

Also the leeks that I sowed in the beginning of January are growing strong. Leeks are very slow growers and need time to get to a proper size to plant them. By end of April they should be thin pencils and ready to be planted in my garden.

Can’t wait for the summer to start. 🙂


Reflections on a vegigarden: 2014

It is the end of the year and the vegetable garden is almost ready for the upcoming winter. Time to look back and reflect on the fruits of my labor. All things considered 2014 not a bad year at all, although I didn’t spend as much time in my vegigarden as I would have liked.

My front garden is clearly to blame for me neglecting my vegi’s. We renovated the front garden, which means ripping everything out including plants, tiles, the works and starting from scratch. Needless to say this took quite some time, blood, sweat and tears. Luckily the tears were of joy when it was all done. 😀 Now the plants just need to grow a bit bigger. I really don’t get the expression ‘patience is a virtue’. Whoever though of that clearly did not have a garden with small plants wanting for them to get bigger, faster!

Back to the vegi’s. I’m really happy with a few choices I made. This year I decided not to grow a late variety of potato but only the young, early variety. This was a good thing as I now have a much more manageable amount of potatoes which will actually all get used instead of being thrown out by the end of the year.

I also planted more pumpkins which turned out great! I now have lots of pumpkins adoring the area around my front door. They also sold well at my local flee market in September.

Looking to next year, the seed catalog 2015 just arrived this week. WHOOPIE!! I want to try out some new seeds I got as a gift but maybe also some new varieties of tomato.

One thing that is going out of my garden are Brussels sprouts. I have tried growing these little buggers for four years now, but they keep disappointing me. My husband really loves them, but I have not grown fond of them on my plate and they don’t like growing in my garden either. They are too loose; the sprouts are open in stead of being tightly closed. This is due to too much nitrogen in the soil and there is little I can do about that. To make a long story short, sorry for my husband, but no more Brussel’s sprouts anymore.


Gifts with (growth) potential

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy husband has a new job and his office roommates gave him a small farewell gift; a small selection of seeds. Seeing than I am the boss of the vegigarden, they actually gave the seeds to me 😉

It’s a lovely selection of seeds for things I have not always heard of before. Like Bayam. Any takers? No idea! Tomatillo? Has to be a cross between a tomato and an illo, but what is an illo? 😀

There are also things I grow anyway like parsnip, radish and carrots. The fruit salad is going to be a hard one. The Dutch climate is not very forgiving to Mediterranean fruit and since I don’t have a greenhouse my experiences with growing sun loving fruits has not been that good.

One thing I am deferentially going to try is the orange cucumber. It’s called ‘Lemon Apple’. Does that mean it tastes like a cucumber, a lemon or an apple? 😀 I can just see the looks on my kids’ faces! They will think I went completely mad if I ask them to eat a yellow cucumber. I must admit, eating something in a color different from what you expect is strange. I had black cherry tomatoes in my garden last year. To be honest, even though they tasted perfectly like tomatoes, the fact that they were black put me off so much that I just threw them out. It just didn’t match with the image in my head of what a tomato should look like.