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Sophie’s Universe: THE BOOK!

When I heard that Dedri was publishing her fabulous Sophie's Universe as a book, my mind went to The Lord of the Rings were one purpose brought Elves, Dwarfs, Men and Hobbits together and united them despite their differences. Somehow Sophie's Universe has done the same. I wouldn't be surprised if more than a million… Continue reading Sophie’s Universe: THE BOOK!

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Crochet afghan inspiration

We are slowly but surly moving out of winter and into spring and the start of a new season means the start of new crochet projects. You don't have to look hard to find a zillion new projects and CALs. I though I would share a few with you. Lydia Do you remember Lydia? She was… Continue reading Crochet afghan inspiration


Summer crochet fun

It's summer holiday and we are almost leaving for our holiday destination, a fabulous farm that goes by the name of 'Koe in de Kost'. The farmer, 'Boer Frans', is so good with kids, my boys love him to bits. This is our fifth visit in five consecutive years, my boys love it there and if my… Continue reading Summer crochet fun

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Etsy store now open!

Hey everyone, I have come to the conclusion that I have too much stuff! I have opened a store on Etsy. So if you would like to buy some of the things that I have on my blog, now is your opportunity. I am still filling my 'store', but here a small preview of what's… Continue reading Etsy store now open!

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Sophie’s Universe “Rainbow”

We have come to the end of a beautiful project. Sophie's Universe is all done. It was a wonderful journey in which I met a lovely designer named Dedri Uys from "Look at what I made". She was so generous to me by giving me the opportunity to make videos of her beautiful design. I also want… Continue reading Sophie’s Universe “Rainbow”

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Sophie, Jack, Lydia & Betty

The family is getting bigger and bigger. Last week we added Jack and Lydia to our Sophie, this week we are adding Betty's Beautiful Border. This gorgeous border is designed by Betty Byers and its flower design fits the theme of Sophie's Universe perfectly. I have made you a video showing how to make the… Continue reading Sophie, Jack, Lydia & Betty

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Sophie, Jack & Lydia

Last week we completed Sophie's Universe, but luckily the CAL isn't over just yet. This week we have the option to extend Sophie with two additional squares Jack and Lydia. I have made two videos showing how to make these squares. You can find them on the dedicated video page of my blog. You need… Continue reading Sophie, Jack & Lydia

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Sophie’s Universe part 18

Hi everyone, We are almost done with our lovely Sophie! This week the video for part 18. As usual, you can find all the videos on my dedicated video page. This is the last official part of Sophie's Universe. There will be optional extra's over the next three weeks and Dedri and I are… Continue reading Sophie’s Universe part 18

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Sophie’s Universe part 17

Hey everyone! And here it is, the video for part 17, specially for you! 😀 All the other videos making up Sophie's Universe you can find on the dedicated video page on my blog. I am making these last rounds on a yellow background, pure accidentally because I still have quite some yellow yarn… Continue reading Sophie’s Universe part 17