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Discover the Seasons CAL – WIP

It has been a few weeks since I announced that I would be participating in the Tunisian crochet along Discover the Seasons designed by Marjolein Kooiman. The CAL started beginning of December and I thought to show you my progress. Resources Facebook group with written patterns in Dutch and English Stardust yarn Tunisian Crochet hooks… Continue reading Discover the Seasons CAL – WIP

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Tunisian Crochet in Stardust

I thought I would be very efficient and try two new things in one go. I know almost nothing about Tunisian crochet and I have not yet worked with the new Scheepjes yarn Stardust. I want to change both of these things so it was a no-brainier when I saw a new Tunisian crochet CAL starting in December. I am totally on this!

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Tunisian Ten Stitch Stash Buster!

I have a yarn problem. I can't throw anything away, no matter how little is left after a project is completed. Never. Just can't. Not gonna happen. This problem of mine results in lots of random, small pieces of yarn from various projects accumulating in my yarn cupboard. And then I'm not even talking about… Continue reading Tunisian Ten Stitch Stash Buster!

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Tunisian Crochet Ten Stitch afgan video tutorial

In the summer of 2015, this sounds soooo long ago, I started working on two Tunisian Crochet Ten Stitch projects designed by Dedri Uys. Dedri has the design for a full size afgan, but I made two cushion using Scheepjes Stone Washed and Stone Washed XL yarn. Time to show you the end result. If… Continue reading Tunisian Crochet Ten Stitch afgan video tutorial


Stone Washed & Stone Washed XL

Do you remember when it was summer and you were sitting in the sun thinking there is nothing better than warm sunshine on your skin? This is the memory I have of my first time working with Scheepjes Stone Washed and Stone Washed XL yarn. I have read so much about this yarn, there are… Continue reading Stone Washed & Stone Washed XL