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Introducing new chickens to the coop

I have two new chickens. I am SO happy, but my two older hens are less happy. You see, introducing new chickens to an existing coop is definitely not trivial. The first time I had chickens was when I was a little girl, so having chickens for me has a great sense of nostalgia. It… Continue reading Introducing new chickens to the coop


7 steps to growing potatoes

Hey you all! For like literally the first time this year it has been the ideal moment to plant my potatoes. It was (a) dry outside, (b) not freezing and (c) I was off work. So, out to the garden! Potatoes are in my experience one of the easiest vegetables to grow. The downside however… Continue reading 7 steps to growing potatoes


Ready for the new season!

Hey everyone, Just look at what arrived last week! My seed order for this season. SO happy!! Can't wait to get started. Unpacked it immediately. Of course I know what's inside (at least I think I still know what I ordered a few months ago, but still it's always so exciting) Especially the potatoes and rhubarb have… Continue reading Ready for the new season!


Reflections on a vegigarden: 2014

It is the end of the year and the vegetable garden is almost ready for the upcoming winter. Time to look back and reflect on the fruits of my labor. All things considered 2014 not a bad year at all, although I didn't spend as much time in my vegigarden as I would have liked. My front… Continue reading Reflections on a vegigarden: 2014