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Keeping track of yarn colors

You will notice that as you start working with yarn, and you don't pay any attention, you might loose track of which color is which and accidentally work the wrong color in certain parts of your project. In this tips and tricks post as part of my TLC Blanket I show you how I keep… Continue reading Keeping track of yarn colors

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Hou je garenkleuren bij

Je zult merken dat wanneer je met meerdere kleuren garen begint te werken en je even niet oplet, je het overzicht van je kleuren kwijt kunt raken en per ongeluk de verkeerde kleur in bepaalde delen van je project gebruikt. In deze tips en tricks post als onderdeel van mijn TLC Blanket laat ik je… Continue reading Hou je garenkleuren bij

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Organize your yarn

Tell me the truth, does this look familiar to you? If you are even just a little like me, you most probably have a bag or a box somewhere in which you have lots and lots of labels with pieces of yarn attached to them. This way you know that in theory you have all… Continue reading Organize your yarn