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Tunisian Crochet Ten Stitch afgan video tutorial

In the summer of 2015, I started working on two Tunisian Crochet Ten Stitch projects designed by Dedri Uys. Dedri has the design for a full size afghan, but I made two cushion using Scheepjes Stone Washed and Stone Washed XL yarn. Time to show you the end result.


Video tutorial

If one of your New Year resolutions is to make a serious dent in your yarn stash, this is THE project for you. You can use any yarn you like and in any color combination too. I however am not that good at New Year resolutions, I used this project as a good excuse to add to my stash (so don’t be like me 😀 ). The people at Scheepjes send me a whole box of Stone Washed XL. Using the Stone Washed XL I show you step-by-step how to make the Tunisian Crochet Ten Stitch Afgan.

My Ten Stitch Cushions

I have made two versions of the design, one using the ‘regular’ Stone Washed and one using Stone Washed XL. The difference the two is that the ‘regular’ yarn is thinner; hence the end result is more subtle. The XL yarn on the other hand makes a much bolder statement!

You can buy Scheepjes Stone Washed from Wool Warehouse (UK), Jimmy Bean Wools (USA), Love Crafts (USA), The Knitting Network (UK), Caro’s Atelier (NL/EU), or your local Scheepjes Stockist.

I hope you enjoy working on this afghan. It is seriously relaxing and a perfect stash-buster.

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18 thoughts on “Tunisian Crochet Ten Stitch afgan video tutorial”

      1. Esther: Hope this get through to you, I am not that well versed in various means of communicating…I only use email and I could not find that option;
        Anyway I want you to know I finally found the error I was making when doing the “beginning corner” , or the second triangle as I see it.
        When making the forward pass and picking up vertical loops, and the last two diagonals of that row, I would pick up the first diagonal that already had a stitch in it, but then when picking the next diagonal I would pickup the next vertical loop mistaking it for a diagonal. It took hours and hours to finally find my mistake.
        There were clues I noticed that finally led me to see the mistake, but hard to explain without using a photo and I don’t know how to do that. But here is a stab at a word explanation: When the row of loops on the forward pass meet the row of the ending corner there will be a right angle formed…if not this is an immediate sign of a mistake so it can be caught right then and there. So no need to go further until the mistake is corrected….in my case I picked up a vertical loop instead of the second diagonal “loop’.
        Hope this is helpful to others…..amazing how such a conspicuous error keeps itself hidden. Whew !!!!!!!!!!
        Sorry, a photo would do much better to see what is the “right angle” the stitches make when they meet the ending corner.
        Thank you so much for your kind, thoughtful, and well articulated instruction. It is a pleasant experience to just listen to you.

  1. Are you going to do a regular crochet tutorial for this? I cant get the 2nd triangle to look like i have taken apart a dozen times I am pretty sure i am just reading pattern wrong but cant figure it out :'(

  2. I loved this tutorial and wanted to try the Tunisian 10 stitch in an afghan. I loved this yarn as well but am having trouble, since I am new to Tunisian, determining how much to purchase to make a lap sized afghan. Would you possibly be able to assist me with this? I am concerned that if I don’t purchase enough I won’t be able to get the same dye lot later on. I thought maybe 6 skeins of each of the 5 colors? What do you think? Thanks ever so much.

    1. Hi Catherine,
      See you found my blog also 🙂
      I believe you will need between 4 and 5 balls of each color of stonewashed XL for a reasonable sized afghan. Considering that the colors are jumping around in this project it is less critical that they are all the same dyelot. You should be fine 🙂

    1. I only have one brand of tunisian hooks, they are from knit pro. Personally I find the tip to be very sharp which tends to snag sometimes. I like the rouned and smooth tip of the cover amour, but don’t know if they come as tunisian hooks

  3. The beginning corner turns out to be a challenge. Don’t know why. Have spent hours redoing it many times. I get to th 6th row and the stitch count jumps from 10 to 11 and increases 1 st on each row thereafter. Have learned a lot in redoing , but have not found the error. Any suggestions?

      1. Yes, I have literally made each stitch along with each stitch in the video. I have notice in carefully watching the video that row one will be one stitch, row two 2 stitches etc, which completes the row of the ending corner. The second horizontal row of the ending corner will be 8 stitches, with the two stitches from row 2 of the beginning corner will equal 10 to complete a horizontal row of the ending corner. So this is how I check each row as I go along. If the row does not equal ten then there is an error at that point. So it is bewildering….how can this be ??? I think the first time I did a beginning corner it wall worked correctly….the last row being 11 stitches. So is this crazy or what ???? : < ).
        Why is each row perfect until i get to the 6th row ?? It has to obvious…staring me in the face but I don't see it. Also I noticed how perfect all the rows in your beginning corner match up perfectly with the ending corner rows.
        So how can it be ?……all the way up to the 6th row I have 10 stitches across, then in row 7 it jumps to 11, and 1 stitch thereafter, the last row becoming 13 sts .instead of 11. What a puzzle. No kidding I have spent hours on this. It has to be obvious..staring me in the face but I can't find the error.
        Thanks so much for your video it is very clear, and your explanation nicely focused . So you have done your job….question is why can't I do mine????

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