Diamondiferous Delight Shawl finished

I am working on a shawl using Scheepjes Whirl Fine Arts and matching Merino Soft, and I am totally chuffed with the final result. Time to show you the finished shawl. What was I doing again? The idea is to extend the Whirl Fine Arts either side with the corresponding Merino Soft color, thereby keeping… Continue reading Diamondiferous Delight Shawl finished


Color fading into a diamondiferous shawl

I know you are all wanting to know what I am making from the color changing Scheepjes Whirl Fine Arts and matching Merino Soft that I showed you last week. The idea is to extend the Whirl Fine Arts either side with the Merino Soft, hence keeping the color transition intact, but extending the first… Continue reading Color fading into a diamondiferous shawl


2021 In A Nutshell

2021 has been a special year for me with many new things coming on my path. I want to take a moment to look back on what the year has brought me, and at the same time I also want to thank you for your unfailing support of me and my work. It's all in… Continue reading 2021 In A Nutshell

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Summer Diamond Shawl – Free Crochet Pattern

I would like to show you a summer version of my Diamond Shawl, along with the free crochet pattern and video tutorial to make it. The original one is very much a winter shawl because of the Mohair yarn used together with a Scheepjes Whirl cake to make a warm wrap. This summer version of… Continue reading Summer Diamond Shawl – Free Crochet Pattern

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Spanish Dancer Shawl – Crochet Pattern

My Spanish Dancer Shawl is now available. This shawl is large enough to make it possible to wear in many different ways, and has a fabulous drape due to the beaded edge. The lace version of the shawl is perfect for warm summer evenings, whereas the thicker double knit version is well suited for winter… Continue reading Spanish Dancer Shawl – Crochet Pattern

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YARN5 Woman

Our world is full of strong women and I am sure that you can name a few in your immediate circle. However, today I want to challenge you to see the strength in you. Many times we mistake strength for arrogance. No! Knowing what you are good at and living your gift is not being… Continue reading YARN5 Woman


Knitted Shawl of Secrets

I can knit! Totally! My KNITTED Shawl of Secrets is all done, and it is totally stunning, even if I say so myself. Knitting is not as hard as it looks, if I can do it, you can do it. Resources Shawl of Secrets Pattern - English Print, Dutch Print (Nederlands),  Digital download on Ravelry… Continue reading Knitted Shawl of Secrets


My knitting adventure

Wow, what a response I got from my first post in which I told you I was going to learn to knit. You gave me so much encouragement, I felt so special. You were giving me tips to help me get started and you shared your experiences with learning to knit. I'm sure you want… Continue reading My knitting adventure


Something totally different

Sometimes I need a challenge, something totally new that I have not done before and that I see others doing and I want to be able to do to.  It has happened again, I am seeing such lovely knitted creations all over my Instagram, and I can't knit! Time to change all of that. I… Continue reading Something totally different


Over the Moon Shawl – Crochet Pattern

Spring is fast approaching and the timing is perfect for a summer shawl. This crescent lace shawl is a beautiful accessory to your favorite dress. The beaded edge gives it beautiful drape and the open structure makes it subtly festive. Resources Pattern: Buy Over the Moon Shawl Pattern on Ravelry Yarn: Scheepjes Cotton 8 and Scheepjes Sunkissed Hook: 3.0mm… Continue reading Over the Moon Shawl – Crochet Pattern