African Sunset Temperature Scarf Update #2

We are rolling into summer break where I live, and before I go on a short vacation I want to share an update on my African Sunset Temperature Scarf with you. I am making this scarf with Scheepjes Merino Soft yarn, and it is actually a knitted project; my first ever knitted temperature project. Under… Continue reading African Sunset Temperature Scarf Update #2


Cozy Moments Shawl

From time to time I try something new, sometimes because I want to learn something, sometimes because I impulsively join in, and sometimes in hindsight I actually have no clue why. My making a Cozy Moments Shawl during the Make-ALong hosted by Scheepjes almost a year ago is one of those examples where I joined… Continue reading Cozy Moments Shawl


African Sunset Temperature Scarf 2021 – free knitting pattern, colorway and yarn amounts

With my new African Sunset Temperature Scarf design made with the warm and super soft Scheepjes Merino Soft yarn, I have designed my first KNITTED pattern. The scarf has cables running over the entire length of the cables framing a diamond lace motif in the center. Under resources you find everything you need, including the… Continue reading African Sunset Temperature Scarf 2021 – free knitting pattern, colorway and yarn amounts


Rainbow toe-up socks

I have this gorgeous double stranded sock blank that I dyed myself in a fun rainbow colorway. Do you remember when I made it? I went to my first ever yarn retreat, and there I dyed two strands, one of which is this rainbow sock blank, a merino blend which feels soft and warm. Preparation… Continue reading Rainbow toe-up socks


Single cable toe-up socks

I have made a pair of cabled, toe-up socks using a lovely hand-dyed yarn I bought from Denver Whimsy in combination with Scheepjes Metropolis in a matching shade. The single cable runs over the top of the foot from the toe to the cuff. In this post I am sharing the free pattern with you.… Continue reading Single cable toe-up socks

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Holiday Crochet Plans

The school year is coming to a close, which always seems to result in a last minute sprint to get everything done before the holiday. My eldest son is finishing primary school, which means we are moving into a new phase; a son in high school. But before we jump into that new adventure, it's… Continue reading Holiday Crochet Plans


Simple toe-up socks that fit!

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that I am learning how to knit, and particularly learning how to knit socks. I can knit socks, and now I can actually knit socks that fit! I am so chuffed with myself, I can't suppress smiling. I have had quite some… Continue reading Simple toe-up socks that fit!


Socks that don’t fit

I consider myself a reasonably good crocheter, but I can't say the same for my knitting skills. I can do knit stitches, and I can do purl stitches, and I guess that means I can knit, but somehow I am having trouble knitting socks that fit! Let me show you some of my struggles. Too… Continue reading Socks that don’t fit


Hand knitted socks in 10 easy steps

I have knitted my first pair of socks. Remember when I shared my first knitted project ever, the Shawl of Secrets, that I said I wanted to learn to knit socks. I can honestly say that I can knit socks. Let me show you the process I went through in a photo heavy post, showing… Continue reading Hand knitted socks in 10 easy steps

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YARN5 Woman

Our world is full of strong women and I am sure that you can name a few in your immediate circle. However, today I want to challenge you to see the strength in you. Many times we mistake strength for arrogance. No! Knowing what you are good at and living your gift is not being… Continue reading YARN5 Woman