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Rainbow toe-up socks

I have this gorgeous double stranded sock blank that I dyed myself in a fun rainbow colorway. I went to my first ever yarn retreat, and there I dyed two strands, one of which is this rainbow sock blank, a merino blend which feels soft and warm.


I turned this colorful blank into a fun pair of socks, the pattern of which I would like to share with you. First thing to do, is to split the double stranded blank into two separate cakes. I purposefully have a bit of white yarn on one end. I left this part of the blanket undyed to use for the toe, heel and cuff. So I alternate between the two sides of the cake as needed. You can also make a separate mini cake from only the white yarn.

Rainbow Toe-up Socks – Free Knit Pattern



  • kte – knit to end, knit all stitches on the current needle to the end
  • kte-1 – knit all stitches on the current needle to one stitch before the end
  • k – knit
  • p – purl
  • m1r – make one right, increases a stitch to the right
  • m1l – make one left, increases a stitch to the left
  • st(s) – stitch(es)


The stitch and round counts given in this pattern gives a UK size 6/EU size 39 sock. Please change the stitch count and/or round count as needed to allow for a different size. The cardboard mold is deal to ensure a sock that always fits!


  1. Toe
    • Round 1 Using the white yarn, cast on 20sts using Judy’s magic cast-on, 10sts per needle [20 sts]
    • Round 2 kte on both needles [20 sts]
    • Round 3 (k1, m1r, kte-1, m1l, k1) on both needles [24 sts]
    • Round 4 kte on both needles [24 sts]
    • Repeat Rounds 3 and 4, 9 times, fasten off white yarn [60 sts]
  2. Foot
    • Round 23 using rainbow yarn, kte [60 sts]
    • Repeat Round 23, 50 times till it reaches the indicated line on the cardboard mold [60 sts]
  3. Heel
    • Knit a heel on the 30 sts from needle 1 using the white yarn. I knit the Fish Lips Kiss heel using a separate pair of DPNs.
  4. Leg
    • Round 54 kte [60 sts]
    • Repeat Round 54, 60 times till the desired length of the sock is reached [60 sts]
  5. Cuff
    • slip 2 sts from needle 2 to needle 1 so that the stitches on both needles are dividable by 4
    • Round 125 repeat (k2, p2) till end of both needles [60 sts]
    • Repeat Round 125, 15 times [60 sts]
  6. Fasten off

Finished socks

And this is the happy pair of socks they became! They are lovely and warm, because I had quite some yarn they are rather long which makes them perfect for wearing under my boots. In hind sight I should have increased the stitch count half way up the leg to allow for a bit of calf shaping. Now they are a bit snug around my calf, but when I fold them over they fit perfectly again. So under my boots and in winter these are just great.

I really paid attention to keeping my gauge steady, the result is two almost identical socks in terms of how the color gradient changes. I am so happy with these socks, they brighten up any sad day!

With love,

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