Nuts about Squares CAL – Week 1

It has been a long wait for some of you, but good things come to those who wait! It is time for the very first part of Nuts about Squares CAL. I love all the squares that are part of Nuts about Squares CAL, but the square for week 1 is one of my favorites. This week we are making Esme’s Winter Cottage designed by the fabulous Dedri Uys from Look at what I made.


There is a print-friendly button at the bottom of this post. You can use this button to print/save the info for each part.


Er is aan de onderkant van deze post een “Print & PDF” knop waarmee je deze post kunt printen of opslaan.

Yarn kits

There are three colorways available for Nuts about Squares

available as kits from Wool Warehouse,  Deramores,  Caro’s Atelier or your favorite Scheepjes stockists. Thank you for supporting my work by buying your yarn through the links on my blog.

Color chart

The colors for each row are given in the Color Chart Week 1 for each of the three colorways (i.e. specified per color for Earth, Sea and Sky) or you can follow the general colorway in the table below.

Instructions Nuts about Squares week 1

© Esther Dijkstra 2017. All rights reserved. Pattern is in US Terms.

Use the following hook sizes to make your squares or the hook size you need to get the correct size:

Work Rounds 1 to 17 according to the written pattern or video tutorial using the given colorway. Work 3 squares in total.

Work an extra round to bring the final stitch count to 44 stitches per side. Round 18 using color A, attach yarn with a standing hdc or ch2 in any ch2-corner space, ch2, and 1hdc in same corner space. This is your new corner made. *Work 1hdc on each of the next 42 st, (1hdc, ch2, 1hdc) in next ch2-space. Repeat from * 3 more times, omitting the last corner on the final repeat. Join to the first st with a ss. [44 hdc per side]

Repeat Round 18 for all 3 squares. Round 18 is also shown in THIS VIDEO. Block your squares to the following sizes:

  • Color Crafter – 25cm (10inch)
  • Stone Washed – 22cm (9inch)
  • Sunkissed – 20cm (7.5inch)

Nederlandse Instructies (Dutch Instructions) voor Nuts about Squares week 1

© Esther Dijkstra 2017. Alle rechten voorbehouden.

Gebruik de volgende maat haaknaald om je vierkantjes te maken, of de maat haaknaald dat je nodig hebt om de juiste maat vierkantje te krijgen:

  • Color Crafter – 4.0mm
  • Stone Washed – 3.5mm
  • Sunkissed – 3.0mm

Werk Toer 1 tot 17 volgens het geschreven patroon van Esme’s Winter Cottage of gebruik de Engelstalige instructie video met de kleurverdeling zoals in de Kleurkaart voor week 1. Maak in totaal 3 vierkantjes.

Werk nu een extra toer om je vierkantjes heen om tot 44 steken per kant te komen. Voor Toer 18 hecht kleur A aan met een staand hst of 2l in enige 2l-hoek, 2l, 1hst in dezelfde 2l-hoek. Dit is je nieuwe hoek. *Werk 1hst in ieder van de volgende 42 steken, (1hst, 2l, 1hst) in volgende 2l-ruimte. Herhaal vanaf * nog 3 keer waarbij je de hoek overslaat bij de laatste herhaling. Sluit met 1hv op de eerste steek en hecht af. [44 hst per kant]

Herhaal Toer 18 voor alle vierkantjes. Ik laat Toer 18 ook zien in deze Engelstalige instructievideo. Span je vierkantjes op op de volgende maaten:

  • Color Crafter – 25cm
  • Stone Washed – 22cm
  • Sunkissed – 20cm

Video tutorials

If you appreciate a visual support to the pattern, you can follow the video for Esme’s Winter Cottage. This video shows you how to make the original square.

After you have completed the original pattern you need to add an extra round using Color A to bring your total stitch count to 44 stitches. I also show you how to do this in a short video.

Share your squares

When you have completed your 3 Esme squares and have added the extra row you are finished for this week. If you would like to share your work you can do so in the Official CCC Social Group on Facebook, share it on my Facebook page or tag me in your post on Instagram. If you use the hastag #NutsAboutSquares it will help me find it.

I hope to see all of you next week for part 2 of Nuts about Squares CAL.

With love,



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47 thoughts on “Nuts about Squares CAL – Week 1

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      • i have found the PDF & printer friendly button but i only see instructions for round 18 i can’t find the instructions for rounds 1 thru 17. please help


      • In the instructions it says to work row 1 to 17 according to the pattern Esme’s Winter Cottage. There is a link to this pattern on Dedri’s blog. You use that for row 1 to 17 and then work row 18 to get to 44 stitches.


  2. I am very new to crochet and looking forward to this challeng. What is the best way to block the squares? There seems to be various options when I look online. Thank you


  3. I am so excited to start! I do have a question. Hook size is different in general information [4.0] and square directions [5.5]. I am doing color crafter. Which should I go by? Thank you for your time and attention to this magnificent cal.


  4. I wish I was hooking this along with everyone else but have no time. I will follow it though and it’s at the top of my wish list! Happy hooking everyone! I can’t wait to see your beautiful blankets x


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  7. I’ve just finished my first square, and I’m really pleased with the results!
    I’m using Colour Crafter with a 4mm hook. The square measures 26.5cm before blocking. I can block to this size, but do you know if the other squares for the blanket work to this approximate measurement (I don’t want to have to stretch the squares too much when blocking).
    I can’t decide if I should continue with tbe 4mm hook, or use a slightly smaller one (and possibly re-do my first square if necessary).
    Any advice would be welcome!


  8. My square is approx two centimetres smaller I am guessing and when I block it the pattern becomes open. It doesn’t look like yours do so I am I either need to loosen my stitches (golden loop) or do I use a 4.5mm hook?


  9. Hi Esther,

    I’ve got 2 squares finished and I’m just loving this! THANK YOU so much for all of your hard work, because of the effort YOU and the designers put into this we are all getting to benefit! I seriously couldn’t do this without the videos! This is going to be SpEcTaCuLaR!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Hi Esther, first let me thank you for your time and effort in putting this CAL together for us. Week one has been challenging (I’m an Adventurous Beginner) and rewarding and I’ve mastered the puff stitch (yay) and I couldn’t have done it without your wonderful video tutorial. I’m even more excited for week two than I was for the CAL to begin in the first place – I didn’t know that was even possible!

    I have a question for you: if I wanted to make my blanket slightly larger by adding an extra row of HDC or DC, bringing the final stitch count on all the squares to 48 each, will the border still work with 240 x 336 stitches? I have extra yarn but I’ll keep it for another project if the border won’t work on a bigger blanket.


    • Euh….. on the stitch count for the border. I would have to do the maths. You can also make the blaket a bit bigger by doing the last round with a tr in stead of hdc. That would give you more size.
      For the border there is one row that stars the pattern, if you fudge that row if needed, for example work 1 stitch extra then it should fit. This might require a bit of creativity from you but by the looks of it I think you are adventurous enough 😀


      • Thanks for your quick reply, Esther. I’ve decided to follow your pattern to the letter, because one should never ever mess with perfection!


  11. Hi, is it possible to have french instructions ? I would like to do this marvelous blanket but my english is not good enough…. thank you Claudine


  12. Where can i go to participate and order yarn? Is this a payed crochet along. Please can i subscribe? Thank you


  13. Esther, week 1 has been such fun. But I do have one problem: weaving in the yarn ends. I started doing it with each color change as Dedri instructs, but that was causing trouble when I had to insert my hook in earlier rows. So on my next square, I left the ends till I was done, and it was a nightmare to weave them in. I have watched a few videos on the best way to weave in ends, but those were on large projects, where it is easier to hide the ends. Do you have a short video on the best way to weave in ends on a smaller, more delicate project like this? I sure could use the help.


    • Hi Judy, no I don’t have a video on how to weave in ends. Sorry 😦
      I will however take this tip on board and make a video for that after the CAL is finished. I don’t have the time at the moment, again sorry about that, but in the longer term I will make a short video on how to weave in yarn tails


    • Hi Judy, I’m not sure if this helps, but I try to catch the yarn ends as I go incorporating them into the back of the stiches, so as I progress, the loose end is being crocheted over at the back. Also, as I come across other ends, I will do the same. I have just come back to crochet after some years and am still very much a beginner, but this seems to help. I need to go and buy a tapestry needle so I am making an effort to cover up as many ends as possible so I don’t have a big back log at the end!

      Liked by 1 person

  14. I am starting on square 3 of week 1…I noticed that all of the color changes are exactly the same on both squares 1 and 2…however when you get to round 14 on the third square it is different..on blocks 1 and 2 round 13 and 14 are the same color…but on the third block they are 2 different colors.. is that correct? Thank you so much for these wonderful videos!


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