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Bohemian Temperature Wrap – free pattern, colorway and yarn amounts

Temperature projects are a fun way to keep track of a year, and for 2019 I have designed my Bohemian Temperature Wrap to give everyone the opportunity to participate in a temperature project. The wrap uses 8 colors of Scheepjes Cotton 8 yarn, which is fingering weight yarn, meaning that the wrap will be a wearable size. Join me in the challenge of committing to a project for a full year.



I have chosen 8 colors from the Scheepjes Cotton 8 range. Cotton 8 is my all time favorite yarn because of the texture, the weight, the drape and the color range it comes in. I have done many projects in this yarn, including Sophie’s Universe and Mandala Madness, and every time I am impressed by the quality of the end result. Cotton 8 truly is an all purpose cotton yarn.

To make a Bohemian Temperature Wrap, you need 8 colors of Scheepjes Cotton 8.  I have chosen 8 colors because I want to limit the number of yarn tails that I need to work away, and at the same time I believe that 8 colors gives enough color variation to follow the temperature development through the year. The colors I have chosen make a classic rainbow from cool to warm colors.

Scheepjes Cotton 8 and Sunkissed is available from Wool Warehouse (UK/International), Love Crafts (US/UK) and Caro’s Atelier (NL/EU) to name but a few Scheepjes stockists.

I hear you say, why a rainbow if we are making a wrap? Wraps are usually in ‘wearable’ colors. I want to make a wrap that is totally bold and colorful, and I feel that a rainbow is the best way to do that. I also feel that a rainbow matches the feel of a bohemian lifestyle in which rules are no more than guidelines, kind of like mother nature who also does exactly what she feels like. I want to make a design that is as free as the weather that it is going to reflect.

Yarn Amounts

It’s impossible to predict how much yarn you will need for the wrap because the color placement you will have is unknown to me. I used 17 balls of Scheepjes Cotton 8 for my wrap, but how much yarn you use will depend on your color placement. This is my yarn usage per color for 2019 in The Netherlands.

  • 1 x 700 Light Grey (-1oC / 31oF and lower)
  • 1 x 622 Light Blue (0oC – 5oC / 32oF – 40oF)
  • 3 x 563 Bright Blue (6oC – 10oC / 41oF – 50oF)
  • 3 x 517 Spring Green (11oC – 15oC / 51oF – 59oF)
  • 3 x 551 Yellow (16oC – 20oC / 60oF – 68oF)
  • 3 x 716 Orange (21oC – 25oC / 69oF – 77oF)
  • 2 x 720 Fuchsia (26oC – 30oC / 78oF – 86oF)
  • 1 x 661 Purple (31oC / 87oF and above)

If your climate is very different, you will need different yarn amounts. Also feel free to shift the temperatures up or down in steps of 5oC to accommodate a different climate.

Scheepjes Cotton 8 and Sunkissed is available from Wool Warehouse (UK/International), Love Crafts (US/UK) and Caro’s Atelier (NL/EU) to name but a few Scheepjes stockists.


The pattern for the wrap is a triangular shape worked in linen stitch, starting from one corner and gradually increasing along the diagonal. January 1st has only one stitch, and December 31st has around than 170 stitches. I believe that the limited number of stitches for each day makes this design manageable as a side project along with other projects during the year. All details regarding the stitch pattern and stitch counts is in the written pattern available in English and Dutch.

Gauge swatch

I want to encourage you to make a gauge swatch so that you have an idea of the final size of your wrap. Make about 35 rows of the pattern in the same yarn and hook size as you will be using for your wrap. I have used random colors of Cotton 8 yarn I still have around the house. Measure your gauge swatch in cm, and multiply the sizes with 10.5 to give you an indication of the final dimensions of your wrap in cm.

My swatch with 35 rows is 9.0cm x 16.5cm, which means my final wrap will be about 95cm x 175cm (37” x 70”) in the orientation of use. My final wrap turned out slightly larger, but the swatch gives you an estimate of what to expect. The working direction is from bottom to top, but the top corner in the photograph is the bottom corner of the wrap. In the pattern (US / NL) I show a schematic of the wrap and how to measure the dimensions of the gauge swatch.

Finished Bohemian Temperature Wraps

My finished wrap is just a beauty, even if I say so myself!

Many others also made a wrap. The beauty of these temperature projects is that each wrap is unique, depending on local weather conditions.


If you are making something with one of my patterns or one of my videos, I would love to see your work. Use the hashtag #itsallinanutshell on Instagram to help me find it, share your work in my It’s all in a Nutshell Crochet Nuts group on Facebook or tag me in one of your posts.

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23 thoughts on “Bohemian Temperature Wrap – free pattern, colorway and yarn amounts”

  1. Is the temperature meant to represent the high temp or low temp for the day? I guess I’m asking how you decide what color to use on a given day.

  2. Hi Esther, I am excited to begin this project… it seems very doable! I’ve not worked in a triangle before… if I wanted to do highs and lows, would it basically just double the dimensions? Do you think it would look too “chaotic” with so many color changes? Thank you!–Gayle

  3. I groan every time I see Temperature ANYthing. I always think I’d like to try one but never get further than printing the pattern. However this one seems doable and living in South Africa, the wrap will be very colourful and exciting too. Here’s hoping I can get further than March.
    Thank you for your wonderful inspirations. Wishing you a special festive season and a colourful and creative 2019.

    1. I suggest you wait till end of january to start. The first few rows are very short, and go fast, so you can do them in one go.
      Row 35, the size of the gauge swatch, is till mid february. Only from july onwards will of be a bit more work .

  4. I am ready. I found all the yarn colors but one for which I found a perfect substitute. Since I live in Ontario, Canada, where temperature can be lower than zero Celsius from late October to late March or beginning of April, I added other categories and colors to reflect our long winters. However, temperatures fluctuate a lot so it could be -19 one morning and be 4 degrees Celsius in the afternoon. Average temperature for one day often do not reflect the reality of the day because temperatures can drop significantly at night. I have opted to take the temperature of each day between 3 :00 and 4:00 pm. Now, all I have to do is recorde the temperatures and wait for my yarn to be delivered from three different shops. This project is going to be so much fun. Thank you for letting me join your group ??

  5. Some colors are coming in soon from one shop. YAY ? Still awaiting new from the other two shops. I cannot wait to see how the colors will take life together as so far since the beginning of the month the temperatures fluctuated from 3 degrees Celsius to -12. I am so excited but I am also patient as I have a lot to keep me busy. Have a nice day!

  6. Me enamorò esta propuesta. Vivo en Argentina. Acá el 1 de enero hace mucho calor asì que empecè mi trabajo en color amarillo. Estaba pensando: El trabajo es casi como un calendario, entonces mis fechas importantes las voy a hacer con un color detonante, por ejemplo, el 17 de enero cumple años mi hijo lo que corresponde a ese dìa lo harè resaltar, mi cumpleaños, el de mi esposo, mi aniversario. Te gusta la idea?. Imagino que no hablàs español y yo no hablo inglés por lo tanto voy a usar un traductor. No estoy muy segura que funcione. Mil besos para vos y para todas las “arañitas tejedoras”
    I fell in love with this proposal. I live in Argentina. Here on January 1 is very hot so I started my job in yellow. I was thinking: The work is almost like a calendar, then my important dates are going to do it with a detonating color, for example, on January 17 my son celebrates what corresponds to that day I will highlight it, my birthday, the my husband, my anniversary. Do you like the idea?. I guess you do not speak Spanish and I do not speak English so I’m going to use a translator. I’m not sure it works. A thousand kisses for you and for all the “weaving spiders”

  7. Hello there!

    I really like the way the wrap came out, it looks amazing! I would like to make it for 2020 and I was wondering how long the straight side of the wrap is (so the side that where no stitches are added)?

    Thank you in advance!

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