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Spanish Dancer Shawl – Crochet Pattern

My Spanish Dancer Shawl is now available. This shawl is large enough to make it possible to wear in many different ways, and has a fabulous drape due to the beaded edge. The lace version of the shawl is perfect for warm summer evenings, whereas the thicker double knit version is well suited for winter wearing.


Materials for DK Version

Scheepjes Our Tribe is available from Caro’s Atelier (NL/EU)Wool Warehouse (UK/Int), Knotty House (CA) or your favorite Scheepjes stockist.

Materials for Lace Version

Fyberspates yarn  is available from Wool Warehouse and Black Sheep Wools.

Spanish Dancer Shawl

I have made two versions of this shawl, one using lace yarn and one using double knit (DK) yarn. The shawls are similar in size, but the number of repeats is different for the two versions. The pattern contains details for both yarn weights.

The shawl is insanely big and comes in at a whopping 200cm (81”) wide and 150cm (61”) deep. When the shawl is completed, it’s about half the size, but when you block it, it just keeps on stretching!  The lace shawl shown here uses Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace Rose Pink (509) and Fyberspates Gleam Lace Tweed Imps (701).

The DK shawl samples below show two versions. The first one uses Scheepjes Our Tribe “Pistachio Branch” (878) for the solid granny stitches, with Scheepjes Our Tribe “Felted Button” (965) for the flower bands and has a pink beaded edge. The second shawl uses Scheepjes Our Tribe “It’s all in a Nutshell” (973) for the solid granny stitches, with Scheepjes Our Tribe “Silver Birch” (880) for the flower bands and is finished without a beaded edge. The beads are optional and in the pattern I give instructions for working an edge with or without the beads.

Name the shawl

I was at a loss for what to call this new shawl design of mine and asked you for help. There were many suggestions, and a lot of them I liked, particularly the ones that were related to dance styles or moves. I though that really works well for this shawl. Nicole Hodapp specifically suggested “Spanish Dancer” and I thought, yes! that’s it. Nicole, thank you very much for the suggestion, and as promised you will get a free copy of the pattern.

Share you Shawl

If you make my Spanish Dancer Shawl or you would just like to share your work with me, feel free to do so on my Facebook page, in my It’s all in a Nutshell Crochet Nuts Facebook group, or by tagging me in one of your posts on Instagram.

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8 thoughts on “Spanish Dancer Shawl – Crochet Pattern”

  1. Hey, l’m So glad that you have released your new Shawl. I am having a problem choosing the right color of yarn. I want mine to look just like yours.
    When I get to the yarn l can not remember the color your was. Please help me,can you tell me what the colors were. Also l want to make the one using the pink beeds. I know that you have showed pictures of the yarn, when l get to the yawn store, l get all turned arounded, and then forget everything. Please,l need your help.
    Thank You


    1. The other two shawls use Scheepjes Our Tribe, two balls of each color.
      The yellow one uses 2 x Scheepjes Our Tribe “Pistachio Branch” (878) and 2x Scheepjes Our Tribe “Felted Button” (965).
      The white/colored version uses 2x Scheepjes Our Tribe “It’s all in a Nutshell” (973) and 2x Scheepjes Our Tribe “Silver Birch” (880)


  2. Hi Esther. I love this pattern. It is such a pleasure to work. Please check your Facebook page for a comment I left on the post about the final pattern discount. I think there is an error in the pattern for row 18.


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