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Peacock Tail Bag CAL – video tutorials, colorways and yarn amounts

The Peacock Tail Bag designed by Tatsiana from LillaBjorn Crochet is all done. The bag is beautiful, sturdy and a great accessory for every day use. In this post you find all the information you need to make your own bag.



To make this bag you will need 6 balls of Scheepjes Linen Soft yarn in 5 colors; for the main color of the bag you will need 2 balls and of the other 4 colors you will need 1 ball of each. There were two kits available that contained everything you need to make your bag; one in a Peacock colorway and the other in a Pastel colorway. To make these bags you will now have to make your own kit by selecting the materials you need yourself.

The Peacock kit contains 1 x 603, 1 x 606, 1 x 608, 1 x 614 and 2 x 611. The Pastel kit contains 1 x 612, 1 x 613, 1 x 624, 1 x 629 and 2 x 619. In addition to the yarn you will need a bag handle, 2 30mm D-rings, an 18mm magnetic clasp or zipper, interfacing and fabric for the lining.

Linen Soft is available from Love Crafts (US/UK), Caro’s Atelier (NL/EU) or your local Scheepjes stockist

My Colorway

I did not follow the colorway set in the pattern; I am always very bad at following color instructions.  I used 6 balls of Scheepjes Linen Soft yarn in the following colors: 2 balls of 614 as that is my main color, and 1 ball each of 622, 625, 626 and 627. I made my bag with a 3mm hook.

I did not follow the color placement as given in the CAL exactly. You can find all the details for my colorway in my color chart where I break down the colors per row and side.

Video tutorials

I have made step-by-step video tutorials to help you make your own bag. On my YouTube channel I have grouped all the videos together. I have a separate video for the front and back parts and a video showing how to assemble everything at the end.

Final touches

When you have completed the crochet part of the bag there is just one more part left to do, making the lining and attaching the closing clasp. I will be honest, I am very bad at sewing but luckily I am blessed with a mother that is good at it. She not only made the lining for me, she also made a matching zipper into my bag. This makes for even better closing of my bag than with the magnetic clasp. I love my mom <3


With this my Peacock Tail bag is completed and if you made a bag of your own I would love to see it. Feel free to share your work with me on my Facebook page, in my Facebook group It’s all in a Nutshell Crochet Nuts, tag me in one of your posts on Instagram or use #itsallinanutshell.

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4 thoughts on “Peacock Tail Bag CAL – video tutorials, colorways and yarn amounts”

  1. I love your colours and thank you SO much for the wonderful videos – they really help make things easier. I was going to put a zip in my bag too – I think it looks so much better and stops everything falling out! I look forward to more of your videos. My daughter is using your “How to crochet” videos as she is just starting out by making the Last Dance blanket so a big thank you from her too.

  2. Your bag is lovely and I really like the idea of putting in a zipper. I find with bags that don’t close all the way I am always obsessively checking that everything is still inside and hasn’t fallen out! I have finished my crocheting but still don’t have a handle.

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