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Joining Demelza blanket

Today is an exciting day, we can join all the elements from Demelza, designed by Catherine Bligh, that we have been making over the past weeks to make a beautiful blanket. My post this week is short with only a few photo’s because I want to show you my end result next week when the border is complete also.


Video tutorial

You can find the video link for the the join, along with all other parts of the Demelza video series on my YouTube channel. I don’t show the entire joining of the blanket, but just the different elements involved.

You will note that the photo’s of my Demelza show a single crochet join with the stitches on the top side of my blanket. This is different from the original pattern in which the single crochet stitches are on the bottom side of the blanket. In the video I show you how to do the border according to the original design.

I have a small tip for you to help you get a clean edge and crisp join on the panels. I worked a slip stitch edge on the sides of my panels before joining and used these slip stitches to join the panels to the adjacent squares. If you want to do this also, I have a short video showing how to work these slip stitches on an uneven edge as part of my Crochet Fundamentals series.

Layout of my blanket

I have been making more color variations than in the original design. This automatically means that I need to tell you how I made the layout of my blanket. Here a schematic showing where each square is positioned. I have numbered the squares according to the weeks that we have been working them in and the letter represents the various colorways. As an example, square 2B is the flat flower square we worked in week 2 and in my case colorway B.

Colorway and Yarn amounts

I am using 13 colors of Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn with a 3.5mm hook to make my Demelza blanket. I haven used Corumdum Ruby (808) to join the small squares and Moon Stone  (801) to do the other joins.

I am using New Jade, Boulder Opal, Coral, Red Jasper, Deep Amethyst, and Lilac Quartz for the border. If you want to use a different color for your joins or border feel free to do so. This is just to give you an idea of what I will be showing you next week.

I have already completed my blanket and these are my yarn amounts in full balls: 3 x Moonstone (801), 3 x Boulder Opal (804), 2 x Canada Jade (806), 2 x Red Jasper (807), 2 x Corundum Ruby (808), 2 x Deep Amethyst (811), 1 x Lemon Quartz (812), 3 x Amazonite (813), 2 x Green Agate (815), 2 x Coral (816), 2 x Citrine (817), 2 x Lilac Quartz (818), and 2 x New Jade (819).

You can buy Scheepjes Stone Washed from Wool Warehouse (UK/Int) or your local Scheepjes Stockist.

Next week I will show you my completed blanket and I will also release the final video in the series; the video showing the border. See you then.

With love,


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8 thoughts on “Joining Demelza blanket”

  1. Hallo Esther,
    Ik ben nu alle lapjes aan elkaar aan het zetten. Ik heb alleen geen idee hoe het moet met de opzetrand van de panelen. Heb je daar ook eerst een rand van halve vasten gedaan.
    Hoor graag van je.
    Groet Jo.


      1. …en daar ben ik dus de fout in gegaan 😣
        Je video nog eens bekeken met het opzetten. Niet het v-tje maar allen een lusje. Ik moet smokkelen 😉

        Maar fijn alle filmpjes! Ik ben bijna aan de rand toe en dan is het een feit: mijn eerste deken van eigen hand. Ok samen met de jouwe 👍
        Mijn dank!

        Liked by 1 person

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