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Elements CAL Part 3 Video Tutorial

Time for part 3 of Elements CAL already. In parts 1 and 2 we made a square, but this week we are starting to turn our square into a circle. Elements CAL designed by Sandra from Hooks and Yarn and on her website you can find all the info you need about the CAL as well as yarn kits in different colors.


Video tutorial Part 3

In the video tutorial for part 3  I show you how to make each round. A note, there is a small error in Round 29 of the video. I accidentally skip one stitch too many when making the arc.

Yarn & kits

There are official Elements CAL yarn kits available from Hooks and Yarn.  I have made my own colorway using Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn in the following 5 colors.

Scheepjes Stone Washed is available from Wool Warehouse (UK/International), Love Crochet (US), Knotty House (CA), Caro’s Atelier (NL/EU) or your local Scheepjes Stockist. In addition to the yarn you will also need a 4mm hook. Thank you for supporting my work by buying your yarn through the links on my blog. ❤


I have used my 5 colors in the following way for Part 3. Sometimes I follow the order of the pattern, but not always. I used the Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn in combination with a 4mm hook.

  • Round 24 – Moonstone 801
  • Round 25 – Moonstone 801
  • Round 26 – Lilac Quartz 818
  • Round 27 – Lilac Quartz 818
  • Round 28 – Lepidolite 830
  • Round 29 – Lilac Quartz 818
  • Round 30 – Lilac Quartz 818
  • Round 31 – Deep Amethyst 811

You are welcome to join my brand new Facebook group “It’s all in a Nutshell Crochet Nuts” that I have created to give everyone that uses my videos or patterns the opportunity to share their work. Feel free to join!

Hope to see you next week for part 4 of Elements.

With love,


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5 thoughts on “Elements CAL Part 3 Video Tutorial”

  1. Hallo Esther. Ik was aan het controleren, adhv jouw filmpje, of ik in Ronde 29 de waaier goed had gehaakt. En volgens mij heb ik daar jouw fout gevonden waar je het hierboven over hebt.

    You are telling you are doing the last fptrc in the last bpdc of round 27. But that is not correct. Round 27 has 18 bpdc. In round 29 you start to crochet the first fptrc in the first bpdc, so that means the last fptrc will be in no. 17 bpd of round 27. And not in no.18. See at 31:30 minutes in your video.

    Ik weet niet of dit een groot gevolg heeft voor week 4, maar misschien kun je daar even naar kijken. Bedankt voor je fantastische video’s en geduldige uitleg van al deze grote projecten. Wat een werk!

    Groeten, Marion Thielen


    1. Dit moet inderdaad steek 17 zijn, en niet 18. Ik zie echter niet hoe het mis is gegaan omdat ik telkens slechts 1 steek oversla. Wellicht dat er ergens eerder al iets anders fout ging. Maar dit klopt dus idd niet. Dankjewel voor je oplettendheid.


    2. I have been ripping out my work thinking that I was doing something wrong on round 29. I am so glad to see this comment posted. Now I will continue doing round 29. Thank you.


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